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New road transport rules will lead to fairer competition and less red tape
14 Dec 2009:

The new regulations modernise, simplify and streamline rules in the road haulage and passenger transport sector governing entrance into the profession and access to the market in. The three regulations are based on proposals submitted by the Commission in 2007. They replace four regulations and two directives. Read more...

TRKC at the Future of Transport conference
14 Dec 2009:

Organised by the European Commission, this second high-level stakeholders’ conference aimed to collect views on concrete measures to consider in the preparation of the new White Paper on the future of transport. It was held as a follow-up to the Communication on the Future on Transport, adopted by the Commission on 17 June 2009.

The TRKC team participated with a stand and distributed the latest policy brochures and information on European and national transport research programmes.

Speakers included Leif Zetterberg, State Secretary for Communications, Sweden and Matthias Ruete, Director General of the European Commission’s DG Transport and Energy. In opening the conference, the Vice President of the Commission and Commissioner in charge of Transport Policy, Antonio Tajani, emphasised the importance of transport infrastructure to all aspects of European policy, from the single market to international trade and from the environment to EU enlargement and neighbourhood policy.

ENT: Trans-national research call open
14 Dec 2009:

This trans-national call aims to support a long-term sustainable transport system in Europe and enable sustainable mobility. Much work has been done in order to reduce negative external effects from road transport. Nevertheless, further efforts are needed to curb the growing emissions from transport and to lessen the negative effects of congestion. One of the potential tools is pricing instruments as Road User Charging (RUC). The call in short

Call opens on 18 November 2009 and closes on 18 February 2010.

Total funds available in the call is EUR 1.14 million.

Consortia must consist of a minimum of two partners from the funding countries.

The focus is on Road User Charging for passenger vehicles.

Research emphasis is on new and innovative scientific knowledge, building on European research strongholds. An interdisciplinary approach is recommended, and a clear strategy for dissemination is important.

For more information on the call, plase go to:

EU invests first part of €500 million worth of TEN-T funding for infrastructure
13 Nov 2009:

The European Commission announced last week the first group of projects that will benefit from a total of €500 million worth of investment in vital transport infrastructure projects across the EU. The grants will be allocated under the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) programme, which helps to fund works to build missing transport links or remove bottlenecks in order to enable people and goods to circulate quickly and easily between Member States. A second set of projects will be announced later this year.

EC Press Release

TRKC at the EC conference on the future of transport
10 Nov 2009:

This is the closing event of the public consultation the Commission launched last June regarding its Communication ’A sustainable future for transport’. The conference is meant to summarise contributions received from stakeholders and discuss concrete ideas that have emerged in the consultation process.

The TRKC team will be present with a stand in the exhibition area.

For more information please consult: 2009 Future of Transport

Urban Transport - Thematic Research Summary published
08 Oct 2009:

This Thematic Research Summary on urban transport aims to provide the reader with a synthesis of results of completed European research projects related to urban transport. It consists of two main parts. The first part includes a brief overview of the scope of the theme and summarises the main policy developments at EU level relevant to the theme. The second part contains a synthesis of the main findings and policy implications from research projects and identifies the implications for further research.

Urban Transport is concerned with passenger and freight transport internal to built-up areas, and those trips having at least one end in an urban area. Typically wholly urban trips are no longer than 15 km. The main elements of urban transport are motorised private traffic, public transport, non-motorised transport, service vehicle traffic, last-mile freight traffic.

The challenges and related options for intervention in urban transport are discussed in a number of policy papers issued by the European Commission, the earliest being the 1995 Citizens’ Network Green Paper, the latest being the Green Paper “Towards a new culture for urban mobility”. In the light of the subsidiarity principle the EU must play a facilitating role without imposing top-down solutions which may not be appropriate for the diverse local situations. Thus the EU promotes the exchange of good practice and the harmonisation of technical standards, provides research funds, and adopts legislation. The European Commission is currently preparing an Action Plan on Urban Mobility.

Click here to download.

Information and Awareness - Thematic Research Summary published
30 Sep 2009:

The range of possible measures that come under this heading involve making improvements to the information available to transport users and operators, to make them more aware of the implications of their use and the operation of the transport system. Some measures are traditional fixed information systems; others draw on real time applications of information technology. The information helps travellers make more informed decisions about how, when, where and whether to travel.

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