July 04 Newsletter

Latest news from the 'Transport Research Knowledge Centre' funded by the European Commission.

Launch of the revamped website
We are pleased to present the newly-structured 'Transport Research Knowledge Centre', which is launched this week at the World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR'04) in Istanbul.

Loyola de Palacio, Commission Vice President responsible for transport and energy, describes the transport research knowledge centre as: 'A very positive action that, by mirroring and pulling together the results of European efforts, will enable us to better identify solutions and quicken the pace of innovation to pave the way towards a more effective and less traffic-burdened Europe.'

As a first step towards building up a comprehensive database of transport research, the website currently features summaries of 206 international, European and national research programmes.

At the project level, FP4 results have all been re-categorised according to a multi-dimensional thematic structure. In the future, results from all 30 countries will be made available to the research and business communities, as well as public service providers and governments.

First pan-European transport research compendium
In addition to the Programmes database a more concise guide is now available for distribution to a wider audience.
For each country, you will find:

Download the guide in PDF format (831 Kb).

Participate to our online evaluation survey now! We would be pleased to receive your feedback on this first key publication it will only take 5-10 mins.

Submit your project information online via the Reporting Scheme
In order to ensure that these results are harmonised, a common European Transport Research Reporting Scheme has been developed with the support of an Advisory Board composed of representatives from national transport ministries.

For making submissions, transport project co-ordinators can use the Word forms for download (Project Profile, Progress Summaries and Result Summary) or directly use the online reporting facility via a secure extranet (go to www.transport-research.info). If you want your project to be featured on the website please submit your information NOW.

Best wishes for the summer holidays!

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