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Flash Report


New TRIP Publications available online!


We are pleased to announce the release of a number of publications from TRIP, the Transport Research and Innovation Portal.

The Compendium of Transport Research Funding has been updated for the year 2014 . It presents an overview of transport research programmes and funding organisations in the European Research Area and is available in a digitial mapping environment. Key stakeholders, institutions, programmes and policies related to transport research and innovation are described for each country, providing a detailed guide on the state-of-the-art in the transport arena. This represents a unique source of information for policy makers and research managers. You are invited to use the tool and see who is where!

The new Policy Brochure ‘Travelling Safely in Europe by road, rail and water' has been released. The publication highlights the contribution of EU research in improving safety of vehicles and infrastructure, and enhancing user behaviour, with the overall goal to improve safety of the European transport system and meet the ambitious targets to reduce fatalities and injuries on land and sea throughout the European Union.

For a complete overview of all new releases, please visit the TRIP website.

With this newsflash, the TRIP team would like to say good-bye to the TRIP community and thank you for the trust expressed over the last years. From now on, a new team will take over the management of TRIP and keep you up to date with transport research news from across Europe.