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News from TRIP

TRIP at the EC stand during TRA

News from the EU Institutions

First EU Transport Scoreboard Published

Ongoing Invitation for Commitments under the European Innovation Partnership

Stakeholders Consultation on Transport Carbon Footprint

EC Calls for Tough Standards on Civil Drones

Single European Sky: States Urged to Move Forward

EC Transport Infographics

News from the Transport Research & Innovation Community


Second World Collaborative Mobility Congress

European Conference on SUMPs

Success Stories on Health and Transport

CIVITAS Annual Forum: Call for Speakers and Location for the Next Year

News from TRIP

TRIP at the EC stand during TRA

From 14 – 17 April, TRIP attended the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2014 conference, Europe's largest event dedicated to surface transport research. Co-organised by the European Commission, the European Conference of Roads Directors and the three European Technology Platforms for research in the road, rail and waterborne sectors, the bi-annual event was held at La Défense in Paris.

TRA was not only a research conference, but an innovative arena bringing together European stakeholders from all areas of transport and transport-related activities. Encompassing all modes of surface transport, TRA covered a large array of topics, including Environment and Energy, Industry Competitiveness, Logistics and Mobility Systems and Services, Safety and Security, Transport Infrastructures, Transport Policy Research/Socio-economic/Human Sciences, Vehicles and Vessels Technologies.

During the conference, the latest achievements, technological developments, market uptakes and deployments in the field of the European transport research were presented, debated and shared with all parties involved.

TRIP was hosted by the European Commission at the EC stand, where 27 running EC projects on rail, road, waterborne, urban mobility and cross-modality, showcased their latest results. A number of live and interactive projects presentations were made at the stand, and projects videos continuously broadcasted. Vehicles prototypes, software applications, and pieces of hardware technologies made the whole EC stand a point of attraction for all visitors.

In this lively environment, TRIP welcomed researchers, experts and practitioners with the latest publications and a range of gadgets providing insight and inspiration on transport research and innovation.

For the full list of EC projects present at TRA, don't hesitate to contact the TRIP helpdesk:

More information on TRA is available on the conference's website.

News from the European Institutions

First EU Transport Scoreboard Published

For the first time the European Commission has published a scoreboard on transport in the EU, comparing Member States' performances in 22 transport-related categories. The Netherlands and Germany rank first in the scoreboard, with high scores in 11 categories, followed by Sweden, the UK and Denmark.

In addition to giving a snapshot of transport performances across Europe, the scoreboard aims to be a resource in helping Member States identify shortcomings and better define their priorities for investment and policies.

In the words of Vice-President Kallas: "The new scoreboard is a fantastic tool that shows visually where we stand in making our transport systems more efficient, more customer-friendly, safer and cleaner. It can of course only offer a snapshot, but it gives us and Member States a point of reference and a source of inspiration for our work together."

The scoreboard can be consulted either by mode of transport or by different categories.

More information is available on the EC's website.

Ongoing Invitation for Commitments under the European Innovation Partnership

The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) brings together cities, industry and citizens to improve urban life through market rollout of sustainable, replicable, integrated innovative solutions, focussing on intersection of Energy, ICT and Transport. Further information can be found at (see also

Now, the EIP has launched an Invitation for Commitment (deadline 15/06/2014) to kick-start building a vibrant market-place for Smart City action in the EU. It invites interested parties to join the EIP by stepping forward and supporting its objectives in any of the eleven focus areas. A commitment is an intention to provide a measurable and concrete engagement in support of one or more focus areas over the next year or a longer period of time, linking energy, transport and ICT in the urban context.

Submitting a commitment offers several opportunities for learning, partnering, efficiency gains and new creation of new business:

•  promote your actions on a European scale

•  engage with others to get new ideas and feedback on your actions

•  learn from others and exchanges best practices

•  partner with others to jointly shape new or existing projects, create cost savings and attract new private-sector funding

Successful applicants will be invited to become part of working groups, called 'Action Clusters' as of autumn 2014, so to facilitate close operational cooperation and exchange - across sectors and between the supply and demand sides – to kick-start new projects, facilitate finance and stimulate a broader market response.

More information is available on the EC's website

Stakeholders Consultation on Transport Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is a method to quantify greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of transport operations. Despite its widespread use, there is currently no universally accepted definition of the concept of carbon footprint and existing methodologies diverge from one another.

To address this issue and achieve a harmonisation of carbon footprint measurement, the EC is launching a questionnaire for both freight and passenger transport. Companies, public authorities, academia, associations and other stakeholders who have an interest in the issue of standardisation and harmonisation of carbon footprint in the transport sector, are invited to reply.

The online questionnaire has multiple choice and open questions and requires approximately 30 minutes to be completed.

The questionnaire is accessible on the EC's website.

EC Calls for Tough Standards on Civil Drones

In an effort to enhance civil drones' security, the European Commission has proposed to set new standards to regulate their operations. Increasingly used across Europe, civil drones are currently regulated under national legislations and seek a more consistent EU framework to cover key aspects, such as safety, security, privacy, data protection, insurance and liability.

The technology for civil drones is maturing and offers potential for significant growth and job creation. According to some esteems, in the next 10 years it could be worth 10% of the aviation market. The new standards aim at boosting the security of this emerging technology, while preparing the ground for a European leadership in the field.

More information is available on the EC's website.

Single European Sky: States Urged to Move Forward

The EC requested Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to improve their Functional Airspace Block (FAB), a common airspace arranged around traffic flows, rather than state boundaries.

Those States have formally established a FAB, however, the overall progress on re-organisation of airspace involved has been slow, causing delays, consumption of more fuel and therefore, more GHG emissions. The lack of progress on FABs is holding back the implementation of the EU's Single European Sky to a significant degree and has prompted the EC to take action in this sense.

More information is available on the EC website.

EC Transport Infographics

Transport policies have substantially evolved over the last five years, setting new targets and strategies, allocating new funding and identifying different research priorities for Europe. New infographics released by the EC, summarise in ten steps the European transport journey towards moving forward in a more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective model.

The infographics are available in printable and poster version on the EC's website

News from the Transport Research Community

Second World Collaborative Mobility Congress

On 7 and 8 May, Bern, Switzerland, will host the 2 nd World Collaborative Mobility Congress, an international congress focused on innovative and shared mobility solutions. It will address new, as well as established mobility service providers, IT-developers and private or business-related traffic users. The event is organised by the Mobility Academy, an organisation engaged in developing sustainable forms of mobility.

More information is available on the event's website.

European Conference on SUMPs

On 12 and 13 June, the European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans will hold Europe's first ever conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) in Poland.

The event, titled ‘Planning for a liveable city', will bring together urban mobility planners and implementers from across Europe, to explore how planning can contribute to improving the quality of life in different urban settings.

More information is available on the event's website.

Success Stories on Health and Transport

Three success stories - exploring the connection between health and transport habits - were showcased at the Polis side event during the WHO-UNECE's 4 th High-Level Ministerial Meeting of THE PEP ( Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme), that took place on 14-16 April 2014 in La Défense, Paris.

The city of London and Berlin presented their Action Plans, outlining a strategy for healthy habits in relations to transport, while the Healthy City network introduced its newly published brochure "Active Mobility Every Day", addressing local governments.

For more information and presentations, please visit the project's website.

CIVITAS Annual Forum: Call for Speakers and Location for the Next Year

CIVITAS, the European initiative in support of sustainable urban mobility, invites speakers to contribute with presentations for technical sessions and Pecha kucha sessions, within the framework of the upcoming CIVITAS FORUM 2014.

This year, the CIVITAS Forum Conference will take place in Casablanca, Morocco, from 23 to 26 September, under the title " Urban mobility and social inclusion: planning accessibility for more sustainable cities". Following the experience of many European cities, as well as of Casablanca, the conference will explore successful stories of sustainable urban mobility, accessibility and social inclusion as key factors in urban mobility and city planning.

Moreover, CIVITAS is already preparing its 2015 Annual Forum, inviting cities to express their interest in hosting it.

Cities can find further information on the call for speakers and manifest their interest in hosting the next Forum on the project's website.

Romanian Cities to Cope with Urban Mobility Challenges

On 8 - 9 April, Alba Lulia (Romania) will host a Forum for Sustainable Mobility and Metropolitan Development, gathering local, regional and national stakeholders to reflect on how urban mobility can become more sustainable in Romania.

Poorly planned public transport, increasing use of personal vehicles and unpopularity of walking and cycling are mining the opportunity of a green urban mobility. Participants will reflect on structural, regulatory and administrative improvements, taking inspiration from best practices in Europe.

More information is available here.

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