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February 2014

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TRIP is back with the latest updates on transport research and innovation for February. News and opportunities from EU Institutions, along with activities from the research community, are included.

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News from TRIP

New TRIP Publications Translated in French and German

TRIP in Times Square

News from the EU Institutions

Smart Cities: Invitation for Commitments

Public Consultation on New Freight Funding Scheme

Implementation of the European Rail Traffic Management System

Get Ready for the Infravation 2014 Call

Latest FP7 Projects to Tackle Europe’s Most Pressing Needs

New EU-US Research Symposium and Report

EU-ASEAN Aviation Cooperation Moving to the Next Level

News from the Transport Research & Innovation Community


100 Organisations Join SHIFT²RAIL

OECD Cycling Safety Report

EC Study to Analyse What Influences Travelling Choices

POSSE User Studies Released

News from TRIP

New TRIP Publications Translated in French and German

The Thematic Research Summary “Innovative Technologies” is now available for French readers. Offering an overview on the latest transport innovations, the publication looks at state-of-the-art developments in terms of design technologies, materials, vehicle construction and engine technologies.

Moreover, the Thematic Research Summary “Financing, pricing and taxation” has been published in German. The publication provides an overview of EU-funded research and studies in the policy area of financing, pricing and taxation, including both research projects financed under the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes (FP6 and FP7), and studies financed by DG MOVE.

Produced exclusively in electronic format, the Thematic Research Summary can be freely downloaded from the TRIP website.


TRIP in Times Square

This month TRIP appeared on the world famous Times Square screen in New York! Research and innovation in transport is ready to go beyond Europe.

Keep up with fast-paced innovations in transport research and stay tuned with TRIP!

News from the European Institutions

Smart Cities: Invitation for Commitments

The European Commission is launching an Invitation for Commitments, calling upon interested parties to support the objectives of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC), by sharing their current or future plans to realise smart cities through energy, transport and ICT innovations.

The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) brings together cities, industries, SMEs, research organisations and civil society actors, to improve urban life through more sustainable integrated solutions across the ICT, energy and transport and mobility sectors.

A brokerage event taking place on 28 February, will allow interested stakeholders to meet and present their ideas and plans for action. The smart cities strategic implementation plan is available here.

Public Consultation on New Freight Funding Scheme

The European Commission is inviting all stakeholders with an interest in improving efficiency and sustainability of freight transport, to reply to a questionnaire with the objective of designing a new funding scheme for freight transport services in 2014-2020.

This public consultation follows the closing of the EU Marco Polo programme, a funding instrument to improve environmental performance of the EU freight transport services that covered the period 2003-2013. To conceive the next funding scheme, the Commission is now willing to gather feedback on obstacles in the way of sustainable freight transport, experiences gained from implementation of the Marco Polo programme, market needs, objectives and other inputs.

More information can be found here.

Implementation of the European Rail Traffic Management System

A new EC report gives a clear picture of the state-of-play of the European Rail Traffic Management System. The diversity of signalling systems across EU Member States has long been recognised as a factor hindering international circulation and has prompted the European Commission to take actions in this regard.

Thanks to a s ignificant provision of EU funding, progress and improvement is very well visible throughout Europe, even though results are still mixed, with some barriers and delays continuing to persist.

The full report is available here.

Get Ready for the Infravation 2014 Call

The Infravation 2014 Call will be launched on 3 March 2014, with the goal of supporting “infrastructure plus innovation” funded projects in the field of advanced systems, materials and techniques for realising innovative road infrastructures.

The Infravation ERA-NET Plus (EN Plus) is a transnational collaboration of 11 countries on road infrastructure innovation, pooling 9 million EURO, including a one-third top-up from the European Commission, as well as the participation of the USA for the first time ever.

Infravation will hold a brokerage day on 20 March 2014 in Brussels, and will have a stand at the Transport Research Arena conference (TRA2014) on 14-17 April 2014, in Paris.

More information is available here.

Latest FP7 Projects to Tackle Europe’s Most Pressing Needs

With the last FP7 calls for proposals, the European Commission funded a new wave of transport-related projects aimed at meeting Europe's greatest priorities, enhancing sustainable, innovative and cost-effective transport initiatives.

A selection of most representative projects from urban mobility, road, rail, waterborne transport, logistics, aeronautics and air transport can be found here.

New EU-US Research Symposium and Report

Transatlantic cooperation on transport research continues to grow, with the schedule of the second EU-U.S. Symposium on "Transport Research Implementation: the Application of Research Outcomes", taking place in Paris on April 10-11 2014, and preceding the 5th edition of the Transport Research Arena (TRA2014) .

The series of four joint symposia held from 2013 to 2016, is an initiative by the European Commission, the U.S. Department of Transportation,and the U.S. Transportation Research Board (TRB). A report of the first meeting, held in 2013 and focused on city logistics, has just been released.

More information is accessible on the EC website.

EU-ASEAN Aviation Cooperation Moving to the Next Level

Following a successful summit in Singapore on 12 February, the European Commission and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) initiated talks to negotiate a comprehensive air transport agreement.

Vice-President Kallas commented "If Europe works together with ASEAN to the fullest extent, we can extend the proven benefits of our respective single aviation markets to a much larger inter-regional one”.

More information is available on the EC website.

News from the Transport Research Community

100 Organisations Join SHIFT²RAIL

More than 100 organisations from all across Europe have committed to bring their expertise to the SHIFT²RAIL initiative during its preparatory phase.

Started in 2011, SHIFT²RAIL is an ambitious, market-oriented and industrially-driven research and innovation programme setting € 920 million to make rail transport more attractive, elevating travelling standards, and therefore, creating added value for rail passengers.

To view all of the promoting organisations, please visit the project's website.

OECD Cycling Safety Report

In a major report published in December, the international organisation OECD reviewed case studies, trends, statistics and legal frameworks in an effort to identify key factors influencing cycling safety.

Quoting figures from Copenhagen's city - where cycling rates increased by 20% between 1996 and 2010 and reported deaths and serious injuries dropped by 70% - the report also explains that increases in cycling and security can go hand in hand, when proper measures are applied.

For more information, visit the OECD website.

EC Study to Analyse What Influences Travelling Choices

Why are we using a particular transport mode? According to a new EC study on commuting, a number of elements have a deep impact on our daily mobility decisions.

Cycling rates increase with the length of a city's bicycle network, while for instance, public transport use rises with a city's population and GDP per capita. The research findings are useful for proposing policy measures apt to reduce and discourage car journeys.

A summary of the study is available here.

POSSE User Studies Released

The Interreg IVC POSSE project, acronym of Promoting Open Specifications and Standards in Europe, released two studies on the use of open specifications and standards in traffic management. The project’s scope is to facilitate knowledge transfer in this field, focusing primarily on the two most widely used approaches: UTMC in the United Kingdom and OCIT/OTS in the German speaking part of Europe. One of the main outputs of the POSSE project will be a guide for the implementation of open systems in traffic management and ITS.

The user studies are available for downloading from the POSSE website in the public deliverables section.

For more information, please visit the Posse website.

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