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October 2013

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We are back with the latest TRIP updates on transport research and innovation for October. You can read up on news, opportunities and activities from the research community, as well as from the EU institutions.

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News from TRIP

TRIP Publication “Innovation in Urban Mobility” Now Available in German

TRIP at POLIS Annual Conference 2013

News from the EU Institutions

Commission Triples Investment in European Infrastructures

172 TEN-T Infrastructure Projects Selected for EU Funding

EU Wants to Make European Cities Smarter

EC Boosts Sustainable Urban Mobility with Civitas Capital

Call for Tenders: Cyber Security in Land Transport and LNG-fuelled ships

EP Resolution on a European transport-technology strategy

News from the Transport Research & Innovation Community


TRA 2014 Launches TRAVISIONS Contest

Methanol, a future transport fuel based on hydrogen and carbon dioxide?

PowerDriver Moves to Prototype Stage

News from TRIP

TRIP Publication “Innovation in Urban Mobility” Now Available in German

After its release in English, the TRIP Policy Brochure “Innovation in Urban Mobility” is now available (in electronic version only) for German readers. The publication highlights the contribution of research and innovation towards integrated and sustainable urban transport systems, supporting economic prosperity and social cohesion in Europe. The Policy Brochure will soon be offered in French.

The brochure can be downloaded here.

TRIP at POLIS Annual Conference 2013

The European network Polis, bringing together cities and regions working for a more sustainable mobility, will host its Annual Conference on 4-5 December in Brussels. The Conference is an opportunity for cities to showcase their transport achievements and for the transport community to engage with local and regional authorities on innovative transport solutions.

TRIP will be present at the Conference with a stand. Come and visit us! More information on the conference programme and registration are available on the Polis website.

News from the European Institutions

Commission Triples Investment in European Infrastructures

Allocating €26 billion for the period 2014 – 2020, the Commission is opting to build a European core transport network by establishing nine new major Corridors: 2 North–South, 3 East–West, and 4 diagonal. This significant investment is allocated under "Connecting Europe Facility" (CEF), the EU's new funding mechanism supporting the development of high-performing, sustainable and efficiently interconnected trans-European networks in the field of energy, telecommunications and transport.

Reshaping the map of European infrastructures means allowing a smoother and safer circulation of goods and people. In this line, commenting on the opening of new European Corridors, Vice-President Kallas put in mind once again that “Transport is vital to the European economy” and that the new infrastructure policy will “put in place a powerful European transport network across 28 Member States to promote growth and competitiveness”. The existing patchwork of European roads, railways, airports and canals will be turned into a unified trans-European transport network (TEN-T), a real backbone of Europe 's single market, easing connections between Eastern and Western areas.

Further information and a map of the new corridors are available on the EC website.

172 TEN-T Infrastructure Projects Selected for EU Funding

The European Commission has selected 172 projects that will be granted almost €1.6 billion in EU co-financing from the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) programme for improving transport infrastructure across Europe. The projects' scope includes all transport modes and ranges from preliminary studies to more advanced concepts, such as assistance in on-going construction initiatives.

The 2012 Multi-Annual Programme Call financed the highest priorities of the TEN-T network, focusing on six modal areas: Air Traffic Management (ATM), European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), Intelligent Transport Systems/European Electronic Toll System (ITS/EETS), Motorways of the Sea (MoS), River Information Services (RIS), and Priority Projects (PPs).

The funding earmarked under the 2012 Annual Programme Call will be granted to projects in four priority areas: acceleration/facilitation of the implementation of TEN-T projects, measures to promote innovation and new technologies for transport infrastructure, support to Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and innovative financial instruments, and long term implementation of the TEN-T.

More information is available on the EC website

EU Wants to Make European Cities Smarter

On 14 October, the High Level Group of the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities (an alliance of c ities, industry and citizens ) adopted a Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP), which includes a series of actions to help upgrade European cities to Smart Cities. In early 2014, the SIP will be followed by an open call for "Smart City and Community Commitments", which should facilitate the deployment of Smart Cities solutions, generating better quality of life for European citizens, more competitive industry and SMEs, and more sustainable energy, transport and ICT systems and infrastructures.

Smart Cities are synonymous of innovative, healthier, and cleaner communities, where transport plays a strategic role to improve quality of life, reduce energy consumption and create job opportunities. The European Commission will support flagship projects in the Smart Cities area through the new Horizon2020 funds, investing also in cooperation and in the exchange of know-how to modernise European urban communities.

For more information please visit the EC website.

EC Boosts Sustainable Urban Mobility with Civitas Capital

The European Commission continues to invest in sustainable urban mobility, as demonstrated by the €4 million granted to the three-year project CIVITAS Capital, an acronym for Cities, Vitality and Sustainability.

With a consortium of 14 institutes - including associations, consulting firms and SMEs - CIVITAS Capital will mobilise cities, their citizens and their representatives with a synergic approach, facilitating knowledge building, transfer of best practices, involvement of further cities, training opportunities for transport operators and production of recommendations to the EC on future R&D priorities.

Remarking the centrality of CIVITAS initiative, Vice-President Kallas anticipated that “the Commission will present a comprehensive urban mobility package later this year", confirming that sustainable urban mobility is a central priority for Europe.

Further information can be found on CIVITAS website.

Call for Tenders: Cyber Security in Land Transport and LNG-fuelledships

The European Commission's DG MOVE has launched two new calls for proposals for a study on cyber-security in land transport, including rail, road and canal systems and for a study on LNG-fuelled ships.

Accepting tenders until 20 November, the study on cyber-security in land transport will develop reporting guidelines, rank possible attack scenarios and adapt existing risk assessment methodologies. The study on the LNG-fuelled ships aims at the completion of an EU framework in the sector, also focusing on relevant fuel provision within the infrastructure. The time-limit for the submission of tenders is 16 December.

Additional information and requirements for participation are specified on the EC website.

EP Resolution on a European transport-technology strategy

Addressing the Commission's Communication on “Research and innovation for Europe's future mobility – Developing a European transport-technology strategy” released in September 2012, the European Parliament has adopted an ad-hoc Resolution.

Can Europe achieve a smarter and safer transport system, coping with pressing environmental and economic challenges? An affirmative answer relies on higher incentives to R&I, investment in the ITS sector, harmonisation efforts and simplification of administrative procedures to overcome barriers and stimulate market uptake. With the Resolution , the European Parliament has acknowledged the significance of research and innovation in support of a sustainable transport policy.

The full text of the Resolution can be found here. The EC Communication is available here.
News from the Transport Research Community

TRA 2014 Launches TRAVISIONS Contest

In the countdown to the TRA Conference, transport researchers are invited to take part in the TRAVISIONS contest with two different competitions, addressing young and senior researchers respectively.

Focusing on sustainable and innovative surface transport, the competitions wish to grasp fresh ideas from students or junior researchers on the one hand and views from more experienced professionals on the other hand. The deadline for the submission of entries is 30 November, 2013. TRA 2014 will be hosted in Paris, France, on 14–17 April 2014, and expects to welcome up to 3000 participants, featuring a dozen joint conferences and several associated events.

More information on TRA Conference is available on TRA website, and additional details on the competitions and rules for submission can be found on the TRAVISIONS website.

Methanol, a future transport fuel based on hydrogen and carbon dioxide?

As Europe is exploring new and more sustainable options for fuelling transport, methanol produced by C02 is being investigated in substitution of hydrogen, through an assessment that will end in February 2014 and will produce a series of policy recommendations on whether methanol could represent a valuable and low impact alternative for tomorrow's mobility.

In this context, on 17 October, the European Parliament hosted a workshop on the possible applications of methanol in the transport industry. The workshop was co-chaired by consulting firms ISIS and Tecnalia who were commissioned a pan-European study on the topic by the Science and Technology Options Assessment Committee of the European Parliament (STOA).

More information is available on the STOA website.

PowerDriver Moves to Prototype Stage

The EU-funded PowerDriver project, conceived to turn waste heat into electricity through thermo electric generator (TGEN) technology, has reached a milestone by moving to a prototype stage. According to the project organisers, recently completed simulation works on a potential automotive application of the thermo-electric generator technology indicate a possible output of 300 W and equivalent fuel savings over the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) of 2.5%.

PowerDriver involves major UK based end-user organisations Jaguar Land Rover Ltd and Rolls-Royce PLC, together with supply chain and a number of research and development partners and universities. The project may bring innovative options for the transport sector: Jaguar Land Rover Ltd is interested in applying the technology to petrol engine passenger cars, while Rolls-Royce PLC looks at application in marine diesel engines.

For further information on the project, visit PowerDriver website.
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