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News from TRIP

New TRIP publication on Innovative Technologies just Released

TRIP is Growing on LinkedIn

News from the EU Institutions

Alternative Fuels Infrastructure: First Report Presented at TRAN Committee

NAIADES II for a Better Inland Waterway Transport

Call for Tenders: European Urban Transport Roadmap 2030

Call for 2013 Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Award

Maritime Transport: Portius Legal Study 2013

News from the Transport Research & Innovation Community


New Call for TRA Conference

Transforming Transport with TRANSFORuM

The European Mobility Week Stands for a Cleaner Air

Velo-city 2014 Welcomes Contributions

Transport to Face Critical Weather Events with MOWE-IT

News from TRIP

New TRIP publication on Innovative Technologies just Released

The Transport Research Summary 'Innovative Technologies' has been released. ‘Innovative technologies’ represents one of the 24 thematic publications being produced by the TRIP Team to provide structured overviews of research results achieved mainly at EU level. The publication covers all technology innovations applied to the transport system or to its subsystems and relate to all transport modes. The broad range of research topics have been grouped according to four main areas: advanced vehicle design technology; innovative materials and vehicle construction; engine technology; and innovation in transport organisation.

The publication is available only in electronic format on the TRIP website.

TRIP is Growing on LinkedIn

Since this summer, TRIP joined the social media. The new LinkedIn account created in August reached over 800 connections in one month's time! The TRIP LinkedIn Community is a virtual space to share experiences, receive updates, and connect with a large network of professionals and experts from the transport research field.

Join TRIP on LinkedIn and help us reach 1 000 connections!
News from the European Institutions

Alternative Fuels Infrastructure: First Report Presented at TRAN Committee

On 16 September 2013, MEP Carlo Fidanza presented a draft report on the proposal for a Directive on alternative fuels infrastructure to the parliamentary committee on transport (TRAN). Adopted by the Commission in early 2013, the Directive on clean power for transport opens the door to the deployment of a single market for more sustainable fuels in the transport sector, aiming at a standardised and integrated distribution of alternative fuel stations across Europe.

During the public hearing, a series of key amendments were outlined in relation to multimodality, electricity supply, and the inclusion of two and three-wheel vehicles. The report is now to be evaluated by the Platform for the Electrification of Surface Transport, gathering 12 organisations from across industries and transport modes.

The draft report of MEP Carlo Fidanza can be accessed here.

NAIADES II for a Better Inland Waterway Transport

On 10 September, the European Commission has adopted the NAIADES II package Towards quality inland waterway transport', moving a step forward along the path to improving European inland navigation. With a Communication and a series of complementary legislative proposals, the Naiades II package lays down policy action for the period 2014-2020, looking at infrastructure, innovation, market, environmental impact and skilled workers as central elements for waterways improvement.

In support of Naiades II, the inland navigation sector and the Commission have recently created PLATINA, a common platform gathering 23 partners from nine different countries and aiming at the implementation of Naiades II goals.

More information can be found on the European Commission website.

Call for Tenders: European Urban Transport Roadmap 2030

The European Commission has launched a new tender for a service contract, regarding a study on a European urban transport roadmap until 2030. Interested applicants with proven experience in urban transport policy, having worked in a diverse range of EU cities, are invited to submit their proposal until 14 October 2013.

For more information and full details of the call, please visit the European Commission website.

Call for 2013 Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Award

Cities from the 28 EU Member States and the European Economic Area are challenged to meet their transport needs in an effective and sustainable way, by taking part in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans Award 2013, launched by the European Commission.

Opening the competition, Vice-President Kallas said: “This year's award will showcase plans that meet the major challenge for sustainable urban mobility planning at this time, namely balancing economic and social issues with environmental concerns in a pragmatic way. I am looking forward to hearing about the excellent plans that are taking shape across Europe.”

Integration of economic, social, and environmental policy criteria is the theme of this year's context, that will reward winners with a €10 000 prize and Europe-wide visibility. Applications can be submitted until 1 November 2013.

To find out more information, visit the Do the Right Mix website.

Maritime Transport: Portius Legal Study 2013

Port labour regimes across the EU are now disclosed with two EC publications. The studies include content on Labour Market, Qualifications & Training, and Health & Safety, adopting a European perspective in the first volume, and taking into account the Member States' point of view in the second one.

The two volumes are available for download at the following links:

Volume 1

Volume 2

News from the Transport Research Community

New Call for TRA Conference

Transport experts are still on time to showcase their project at the upcoming Transport Research Arena 2014. The biannual event is seeking contributions for ‘Outreach Marketplaces', welcoming innovative companies and ongoing project leaders to submit their posters by the 31 October. Instructions and the template for submission are provided online.


TRA has closed its call for abstracts and invited sessions on April 30, collecting up to 1 100 abstracts and 110 invited sessions. The new deadline for notified authors is 30 September, when applicants will have to submit their full papers.

More information and details on the new call can be found on the TRA website or on the TRA submission site.

Transforming Transport with TRANSFORuM

TRANSFORuM, a newly launched EU-funded project, allows stakeholders to express their view on the future of transport systems, triggering discussions on perspectives and feasibility of the 2011 White Paper on Transport.

Rooted in the idea that policy-making should reflect all stakeholders' positions, the project covers four pillars of the White Paper: urban mobility, freight, high speed rail, and ITS (Intelligent Transport System).

In order to collect stakeholders' views and build roadmaps for the implementation of these four White Paper goals, the project relies on an informative web portal, discussions taking place on social media channels, online targeted surveys and on the organisation of face-to-face workshops.

For further information, visit the TRANSFORuM website.

The European Mobility Week Stands for a Cleaner Air

Over 2 000 European towns and cities participated in the 12th edition of European Mobility Week, an annual campaign celebrated each 16-22 September and aimed at promoting sustainable urban travel.

‘Clean air – It's your move!' was this year's slogan, drawing authorities' and citizens' attention to the link between air quality and mobility behavior, and prompting them to opt for greener choices. Participating towns and cities committed themselves to raise awareness of air pollution and to taking measures to reduce it.

The 2013 edition coincided with the European Year of Air, an area EU policy makers are currently reviewing through the Thematic Strategy on Air Quality. Further information is available on the campaign website.

Velo-city 2014 Welcomes Contributions

In light of the next Velo-city Global Conference, taking pace on 27–30 May 2014 in Adelaide (Australia), the Velo-city Management Committee and the European Cyclists' Federation invite the public to submit abstracts and rethink cycling as a part of daily transport and recreation.

The four-day event prepares to celebrate and debate cycling from a wide range of perspectives, from what's great about bike riding , to how strong support of cycling can help create safe and vibrant cities, economic resilience and social wellbeing. Until 11 October, submitters can propose an abstract under four different lenses (i. Facts; ii. Leadership; iii. Policy, strategy, planning and partnerships; iv. Creativity and Innovation).

More information on the conference and the call for abstracts can be found via the conference webpages.

Transport to Face Critic Weather Events with MOWE-IT

On 17-18 September, the European FP7 project MOWE-IT organised two workshops in Brussels, gathering experts to debate the impact of extreme weather events on road and rail transport.

The goal of the MOWE-IT project is to identify best practices and develop new methodologies to mitigate the impact of natural disasters and extreme weather phenomena on transport system performance. The project has also opened a new blog section , where individual citizens, associations and all stakeholders are invited to make their voice heard on positive and negative transport performances in relation to different climate conditions.

Addition information is available on MOWE-IT website.
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