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June 2013

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We are very pleased to share the latest transport research and innovation news for the month of June. See below for recent activities from TRIP, EU Institutions, and the research community at large.

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News from TRIP

TRIP Publications available in French and German

TRIP is going to Rio

News from the EU Institutions

'Historic' agreement of the New TEN-T

Single Sky: Commission Acts to Speed Reform of Europe's Air Traffic Control System

eCall: Automated Emergency Call for Road Accidents Mandatory in 2015

20 Years of the Single Market Achievements in Transport – New Release

Clean Power for Transport Conference - Save the Date and Call for Projects to be Showcased

News from the Transport Research & Innovation Community


Call for Cities and Regions to Apply for e-Visionary Award

Paper on Motivating Mobility Mindsets in Cities

Finland releases the Second Generation Intelligent Strategy for Transport

Results of the EU-funded ON-WINGS Project now Available

News from TRIP

TRIP Publications available in French and German

TRIP Transport Research Summaries as well as Policy Brochures, are produced in three languages: English, French and German. The following publications are now available in French and German on the TRIP website.

Transport Research Summaries

•  Regulation, Competition and Public Services

•  Transport Management

Policy Brochures

•  Innovating for a Competitive and Resource-efficient Transport System

Towards Low Carbon Transport in Europe

TRIP is going to Rio

TRIP will be present at the WCTR - the World Conference on Transport Research, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro from 15 to 18 July 2013. TRIP will be the subject of a special session were the Portal, its features and functionalities, will be described to the audience. TRIP publications as well as several gadgets will be distributed to the participants.

This will be the 13 th edition of the WCTR conference. The conference, which takes place every three years, is organised on eight main topics areas, each one coordinated by a leading researcher. Besides the technical sessions, special sessions on topical issues, workshops and options for technical visits in Rio de Janeiro and other selected cities and regions across the country are organised.

To learn more about the conference, visit the WCTR website.
News from the European Institutions

'Historical' Agreement on the New TEN-T

On 30 May 2013, the Commission, the Council, and the Parliament signed an agreement on proposals to transform the existing structure of European roads, railways, airports and canals into a unified transport network (TEN-T). The resulting core network is agreed to be in place by 2030 and to serve as the backbone for transportation within the Single Market. The aim is to ensure that progressively, and by 2050, the great majority of Europe's citizens and businesses will take no more than 30 minutes' to reach the network from wherever they are located.

The new TEN-T will be financed by Member States, with some EU funding. The Connecting Europe Facility (for the period 2014–2020) for instance will also focus on this core transport network, filling in missing links, removing bottlenecks and improving the network overall.

The agreement, which Vice-President Kallas called ‘historic', must be formally approved by the European Parliament Plenary and Council.

More information can be found on the EU website.

Single Sky: Commission acts to speed reform of Europe's Air Traffic Control System

On 11 June 2013, the Commission proposed to update the regulations creating the Single European Sky (SES), and the rules governing the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The aim of the proposal, known as SES2+, is to lessen inefficiencies and external costs which result from Europe's fragmented airspace.

Themes in the proposal include measures to increase safety and oversight, and to improve air traffic management performance. The proposal also looks into new business opportunities in support services, such as meteorology, aeronautical information, communications, navigation or surveillance via competitive tender. Finally, a new setting and role for Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs) is proposed, to create more performing industrial partnerships. The role of the Network Manager (Eurocontrol) will also be strengthened to run centralised services in Europe in a more efficient way.

More information is available on the EC Website.

eCall: Automated Emergency Call for Road Accidents Mandatory in 2015

On 13 June 2013, the European Commission adopted two proposals to ensure that the ‘eCall' system is deployed in passenger and light duty cars. The objective is to have this system seamlessly functioning throughout Europe by 2015, with the coordination of Member States, car manufacturers, telecom operators and emergency centres.

The system makes sure that in case of a serious crash, cars will automatically dial 112, calling emergency services, communicating the vehicle's location.

The ‘eCall' system will help mitigate the consequences of serious road accidents across the EU. It is estimated that it could save up to 2 500 lives a year.

The proposals are:

•  Proposal for a DECISION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the deployment of the interoperable EU-wide eCall (COM/2013/0315 final)

•  Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL concerning type-approval requirements for the deployment of the eCall in-vehicle system and amending Directive 2007/46/EC (COM/2013/0316 final)

More information on eCall and the proposals can be found on the EU website.

20 Years of the Single Market Achievements in Transport – New Release

The European Commission has recently released a booklet highlighting the work it has done over the past 20 years to improve transport. The publication presents 20 examples of how Europe has made your lives easier and safer through better transport. Examples touch all transport modes (air, road, rail, sea) and present economic, environmental and social benefits achieved.

The publication is available at DG Move website.

Clean Power for Transport Conference - Save the date and Call for Projects to be Showcased

The European Commission is organising a conference on Monday 21 October 2013 to present and discuss the Clean Power for Transport Package which was adopted on 24 January 2103.

Vice-President Kallas, and Rimantas Sinkevicius, Minister of Transport and Communications in Lithuania, are among the confirmed high level speakers.

The conference will also showcase projects at exhibition stands. It is already possible to contact the EC for details.

For more information, visit the EC website.
News from the Transport Research Community

Call for Cities and Regions to Apply for E-Visionary Award

On 1 June 2013, the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) launched a call for applications for its E-Visionary Award. The prize recognises cities and regions as E-Visionaries for their initiatives to promote electric vehicles as a sustainable mode of transportation, and for making Electric Mobility a reality in the lives of their inhabitants.

Each member of the WEVA will select the winner for the part of the World they are covering. Applications from Europe and Africa will be evaluated by the European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Road Vehicles (AVERE). The Award will be presented at the International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS27) on 17-20 November 2013 in Barcelona.

The deadline to apply is 1 September 2013 and full application details are available on the EVS27 website.

Paper on Motivating Mobility Mindsets in Cities

URBACT, a European exchange and learning programme of the EU, promoting sustainable urban development, has produced a new series of Thematic Reports, titled Cities of Tomorrow – Action Today. These reports provide evidence of sustainable urban development strategies to address six key urban challenges, including the challenge of facilitating the transition to a new urban mobility.

The URBACT report on ‘Motivating mobility mindsets' focuses on the quality of space, a new mindset, and the integration between policy priorities and multi-stakeholder buy-in. A'do-more-with-less' strategy is also highlighted.

More information and the full report are available on the URBACT website.

Finland releases the Second Generation Intelligent Strategy for Transport

The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications has published a second generation intelligent strategy for transport, which follows the first one released in 2009. The new strategy further integrates intelligent transport into all other forms of transport and into Finnish transport policy. The aim is to develop a transport system in Finland that is one of the world's most progressive and efficient and is also known for its accountability.

The intelligent strategy facilitates increased transport information services, more productivity and efficiency of the transport system and encourages ICT innovations. It will be implemented with key projects running from 2013 to 2017.

More information on the strategy and the full document can be downloaded from the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications website.

Results of the EU-funded ON-WINGS Project now Available

The EU-funded ON-WINGS project has tackled the effects of ice on aircraft surfaces. Aircraft icing can be extremely dangerous and lead to fatal accidents. The project, coordinated by the GKN Aerospace in London, was concluded in December 2012 and resulted in a new and more efficient de-icing system that is better suited to the next-generation composite airframe structures.

The European Commission has devoted €2 800 000 to the On-Wings project over a total cost of €3 800 000.

To learn more about the project and the results, visit the On-Wings website.
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