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We are pleased to share the latest news on transport research and innovation from TRIP for the month of May. See below for recent activities from EU Institutions, as well as the research community at large.

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News from TRIP

Transport Research Summary on Water Transport Available

TRIP at International Transport Forum

TRIP at ITS European Conference

News from the EU Institutions

Marco Polo Programme Results and Outlook

Regulations Adopted to Support EU's ITS Directive

Vice President Kallas and IMO Secretary General on Ship Safety and Emissions

European Road Safety Day Dedicated to Reducing Pedestrian Fatalities

Commission Plans to Support Development of 'Smarter Cities'

News from the Transport Research & Innovation Community


Pedestrian Safety Manual for Decision Makers and Practitioners

Stakeholder Consultation on Union-wide Targets for the Single European Sky Performance Scheme

2013 European Mobility Week Best Practice Guide

News from TRIP

Transport Research Summary on Water Transport Available

The Transport Research Summary (TRS) on Water Transport was released recently and is available on the TRIP website. This TRS provides an overview of research projects financed under the EU Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes (FP6 and FP7), the TEN-T programme including Motorways of the Seas, and highlights some projects from other EU financed programmes, such as the MED Programme and Marco Polo. The research supports decision making in improving water transport throughout the EU, and helps make transport more efficient, competitive, user-friendly, and safer, while reducing the environmental impact.

TRIP at International Transport Forum

From 22 to 24 May, TRIP team members participated in the International Transport Forum (ITF) organised in Leipzig, Germany. A full stand offering TRIP publications and targeted information services was present in the Exhibition area.

Transport Ministers, business leaders, top researchers and representatives from International Organisations attended this event which focused on how to solve transport's funding dilemma. More information on this topic is discussed in ITF's latest version of its motion magazine. Further details on the event can be found on the ITF 2013 annual summit website.

TRIP at ITS European Congress 2013

TRIP will be present at the ITS European Congress 2013, hosted by the city of Dublin from 4 to 7 June. TRIP will be part of the EC stand together with other relevant initiatives, such as iMobility, Mobi.Europe and FOTsis.

With the theme ‘ITS: Real Solutions for Real needs', the 2013 Congress will highlight the need to focus on innovative ITS solutions that are delivering value for their costs while addressing real mobility issues and solving concrete transport problems.

We look forward to meeting you there!

To learn more about the conference visit the ITS European Congress website.
News from the European Institutions

Marco Polo Programme Results and Outlook

On 14 May, the European Commission adopted a Communication on the results and outlook of the Marco Polo Programme (2003 – 2013). The goal of this Communication is to help companies shift from road-based freight transport to more environmentally friendly modes such as maritime and rail.

Marco Polo is the only EU funding instrument that supports actions in freight transport, logistics and other relevant markets. From 2003 to 2012, 172 grants have been awarded providing financial aid to over 650 companies. The Communication also presents the Commission's goals with regard to the next steps beyond the current multiannual financial framework.

More information about the Marco Polo Programme and the Communication is available on the EC Website.

Regulations Adopted to Support EU's ITS Directive

The European Commission has adopted two sets of regulations, speeding up the roll-out of intelligent information services to motorists. Both sets of regulations cover the Trans-European Road Network and include real-time warnings about dangerous road conditions ahead and information on safe and secure parking places for truck drivers.

The regulations have been submitted to the European Parliament and Council. Implementation of these services can be expected any time following the publication of these documents, which is expected by the end of June. Means of communication can include road signs, radio and mobile phone applications.

Both regulations can be downloaded in all languages of the EU from the EC Website.

Vice-President Kallas and IMO Secretary General on Ship Safety and Emissions

Vice-President Kallas and the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organisation Mr Koji Sekimizu met on 7 May in Brussels with the goal of working together towards safer and more environmentally friendly shipping. The meeting focused on two main areas: passenger ship safety and reducing CO 2 emissions from international shipping.

During the meeting, Vice President Kallas showed his support of the ambitious goal of reducing shipping casualties by 50% by 2015. In this context, Vice President Kallas noted that 'At the end of the day, this is a joint effort. Following the tragic Costa Concordia accident, the cruise industry's voluntary commitments on safety of passenger ships helped develop the IMO regulatory framework. And we have, together with the EU Member States, put damage stability firmly on the IMO agenda, based on extensive research work. We now encourage the IMO to move swiftly on this matter.'

More information is available in the EU Press Release.

European Road Safety Day Dedicated to Reducing Pedestrian Fatalities

The European Road Safety Day was held on 6 May, as part of the United Nations Global Road Safety Week. This year's theme was ‘Pedestrian Road Safety' , aiming to contribute to the broader goal of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 to save five million lives.

Vice-President Kallas opened the European Road Safety Day Conference, saying, ‘The EU has an outstanding road safety record in global comparison. But every death is one too many. Pedestrians and cyclists are facing the biggest risks in urban areas. And these risks are likely to increase rather than decrease with ever rising traffic volumes in our growing cities. This is why we are addressing this issue pro-actively on the occasion of the European Road Safety Day and the UN Global Road Safety Week.'

Of the 30 000 people killed on European roads per year (28 000 in 2012), 21% are pedestrians, and 70% of the pedestrian deaths occur in urban areas.

More information, including the measures that the Commission is working on to alleviate this issue, can be found on the EC Website.

Commission plans to support Development of 'Smarter Cities'

On 14 May, Vice-Presidents Siim Kallas and Nelly Kroes (Digital Agenda) together with Commissioner Günther Oettinger (Energy), hosted the first High Level meeting of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) 'Smart Cities and Communities‘ . The EIP, made up of a high-profile group of mayors and industry representatives, aims to support wide-scale deployment of innovative technologies to help cities overcome challenges in their quests for sustainability and quality of life. The Partnership focuses on the following areas: mobility management, energy generation, distribution and consumption, and information and communication technologies.

The EIP also aims at increasing collaboration between decision makers, industry suppliers, and civil society representatives.

This Autumn, the group will publish a Strategic Implementation Plan that will outline specific operational objectives and advise the Commission on its innovation agenda.

More information is available on the EC Website.
News from the Transport Research Community

Pedestrian Safety Manual for Decision Makers and Practitioners

A reference manual titled ‘ Pedestrian safety: a road safety manual for decision makers and practitioners' , has been jointly developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the FIA Foundation, the Global Road Safety Partnership and the World Bank, together with experts from around the world, to provide practical information on how to plan, implement and evaluate a pedestrian safety programme.

The manual provides necessary information on the magnitude of pedestrian death and injury, key risk factors, how to assess pedestrian safety in a country or area and prepare an action plan, and how to select, design, implement and evaluate effective interventions. It also highlights the benefits of walking as a mode of transport, given its potential impacts on both health and the environment.

The manual can be downloaded on the WHO website.

Stakeholder Consultation on Union-wide Targets for the Single European Sky Performance Scheme

Stakeholder input is sought as part of the process leading to the adoption of Union-wide targets for the second reference period (RP2, 2015-2019) of the Single European Sky (SES) Performance Scheme. The Performance Scheme, a key part of SES, sets targets for Member States to provide better and less costly air navigation services and reduce the impact on the environment.

This written consultation is being conducted between 15 May and 3 July 2013. Interested parties are advised to download the PDF file of the questionnaire and prepare their contributions in advance prior to filling-in the required questionnaire online.

More information and the questionnaire are available on the EU Website.

2013 European Mobility Week Best Practice Guide

Each year, the organisers of the European Mobility Week publish a Best Practice Guide that features short case studies from different European cities that demonstrated good practice during the campaign year.

This year's guide includes innovative campaign ideas, practical ways to cooperate with stakeholders, and measures adopted to change citizens' behaviour towards more sustainable travel.

The Guide is available on the European Mobility Week website.
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