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April 2013

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We are pleased to bring you the latest Transport Research and Innovation news for April. See below for news and opportunities from EU Institutions, along with recent activities from the research community.

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News from TRIP

Policy Brochure on Innovation in Urban Mobility Available

TRIP at Intra-Regio Conference

TRIP at JRC Open Day

News from the EU Institutions

Marco Polo Programme to Decrease Road Congestion and Improve Freight Transport

EU's Strategic Transport Technology Plan (STTP) - Draft Report

Vice-President Siim Kallas Speaks on ‘Reducing serious injuries: the way forward to make Europe's roads safer‘

Open Door Day 2013 at the EC

Funding for Combating Pollution at Sea

Web Page Facilitates Safe Travel Abroad

News from the Transport Research & Innovation Community


TRA 2014 - Submission Deadline extended to 30 April 2013

ERRIN Presents Clean Power Package to Member Regions

Do the Right Mix - Second Round of Funding

Testing a Hydrogen-Fuel-Based Transport Infrastructure–European Lighthouse Project Results

News from TRIP

Policy Brochure on Innovation in Urban Mobility Available

A new TRIP Policy Brochure, titled ‘Innovation in Urban Mobility – Policy Making and Planning', is available on the TRIP website.

Policy Brochures are publications aimed at sharing important information about the critical role transport research plays in policy making, planning and development in the transport and mobility sector. This Policy Brochure on Urban Mobility, highlights the contribution of research in delivering innovative solutions for sustainable and integrated urban transport systems that support economic prosperity and social cohesion in Europe.

TRIP at Intra-Regio Conference

On 17-18 April, TRIP participated in the First International Conference on "A European Research Strategy for Intermodal Transport" organised by Intra-Regio in Las Palmas de Grand Canaria. A full stand offering TRIP policy brochures and gadgets was present in the Exhibition area.

The objective of the conference was to contribute to the optimisation of research and innovation transport policies by defining a targeted research strategy for intermodality to be implemented in the new programming period 2014-2020.

To learn more about the conference and the Intra-Regio activities, visit the Intra-Regio website.

TRIP at JRC Open Day

On 4 May 2013, TRIP will actively participate in the Open Day organised by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra, Italy. The Centre provides evidence-based and independent scientific recommendations to European policy makers to help them make informed decisions, and promotes a healthy and safe environment, secure energy supplies, sustainable mobility and consumer health and safety.

At this year's event, themed, 'Science for You', interactive experiments and activities to demonstrate the activities of the centre will be shared. TRIP team members will be present at the European Commission stand and we look forward to seeing you there!

More information is available on the JRC website.
News from the European Institutions

Marco Polo Programme to Decrease Road Congestion and Improve Freight Transport

Under the second Marco Polo Programme, the European Commission has launched a € 66.7 million call for proposals to fight road congestion and make freight transport greener. Interested parties are invited to submit proposals for the following focus areas:

•  Modal shift actions . This area includes actions that shift freight transport from road to sea, rail or inland waterways.

•  Catalyst actions . Actions included in this area focus on changing the way non-road freight transport is conducted, in three stages:

  1. clearly defining the barrier,
  2. presenting a highly innovative solution to the barrier, and
  3. proposing a modal shift service of great growth potential for freight transport.

•  Motorways of the sea actions . Activities in this area include integrated solutions to shift freight from long road distances to a combination of short sea shipping and other transport modes.

•  Traffic avoidance actions . This area focuses on activities to integrate transport into production logistics and reduce road freight transport with a direct impact on emissions.

•  Common learning actions. These actions enhance freight transport and logistics knowledge and foster advanced methods and procedures of co-operation in the freight market.

The funds are expected to support around 30 projects and the deadline for submitting project proposals is 23 August 2013.

See full details on the Marco Polo website.

EU's Strategic Transport Technology Plan (STTP) - Draft Report

Mr Michael Cramer, Member of the European Parliament and its Committee on Transport and Tourism, presented a report describing the EU's Strategic Transport Technology Plan (STTP) at the TRAN Committee meeting in Brussels on 26 March.

The report stresses the need for linking research and innovation (R&I) more tightly with EU transport policy, highlighting the key role of R&I in reducing energy consumption, traffic noise, air pollutants and GHG emissions in the decades to come.

Also emphasised in the report is a need for action in a few priority areas motivated by health and quality of life aspirations, including individual mobility and promotion of car-free lifestyles, accessibility for all, and protection of vulnerable road users.

The full draft report can be downloaded on the EU website.

Vice-President Kallas Speaks on ‘ Reducing serious injuries: the way forward to make Europe's roads safer‘

On 28 March 2013, Vice-President Kallas opened the Dublin Conference on Road Safety and Serious Injuries with a speech on ‘Reducing serious injuries: the way forward to make Europe's roads safer.'

Vice-President Kallas referenced the timely need for focusing on serious injuries:

‘2012 saw the lowest ever number of people killed in road traffic in the EU. This is a hugely encouraging result. However, it is now time to focus also on the serious road traffic injuries. Major progress was recently made when a common EU definition of serious road traffic injury was identified; I expect Member States to be able to report data for 2014 on the basis of this new definition. With comparable and reliable statistics, the EU can design more effective measures to reduce the number of serious injury collisions.'

Access the full speech on the EU website.

Open Door Day 2013 at the EC

On 4 May 2013 , the European Commission will open its doors to the public in Brussels, Belgium. Under the theme, ‘European Year of Citizens', this year's open doors day will allow citizens to discover the concrete activities of the European Commission as well as participate in debates on active and healthy aging, food safety and consumer rights.

The event will be held in the Berlaymont and at the Schuman roundabout from 10.00 to 18.00 (last entry at 17.00). More information is available on the EC website.

Funding for Combating Pollution at Sea

The European Commission has proposed renewed resources of € 160.5 million over seven years for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) to continue activities to combat pollution at sea. With these funds, the agency will be able to maintain its network of anti-pollution vessels available to Member States and better detect and prevent maritime pollution from oil and gas by further developing satellite images.

More information is available on the EU website.

Web Page Facilitates Safe Travel Abroad

The European Commission's Mobility and Transport website has a new page to inform travelers of foreign traffic rules when going abroad.

The intuitive and easy to use site allows users to click on a country map, and instantly see the main traffic rules of that country. The information on each country is organised into nine recognisable categories:

  • Speed limits
  • Seat belts
  • Traffic lights
  • Alcohol limits
  • Rules on influence of drugs
  • Forbidden lane
  • Safety helmet use for bicycles and motorcycles
  • Mobile telephone rules
  • Other specific rules
Visit the website for more information.
News from the Transport Research Community

TRA 2014 - Submission Deadline extended to 30 April 2013

The 5 th Transport Research Arena (TRA 2014) will be held on April 14-17, 2014, in Paris-la-Defense, France.

The theme of the Conference is ‘Transport Solutions: from Research to Deployment'. All surface modes are concerned, including walking and cycling, and cross modal transport.

The deadline for submitting abstracts or for applying for invited sessions on the submission website has been extended to 30 April 2013.

ore information is available on the Conference website.

ERRIN Presents Clean Power Package to Member Regions

The ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network) Transport Working Group organised a meeting on 19 March 2013 to present a proposal for a Clean Power Package by the European Commission.

The transport working group is an open forum for developing territorial cooperation facilitating the creation of synergies and the exchange of best practices among the members in the field of freight and passenger transport. It focuses on identifying all funding and cooperation opportunities in the field of technology innovation related to transport among European programmes and initiatives.

The presentation by Hugues van-Honacker - DG MOVE, European Commission is available online.

To learn more, visit the ERRIN website.

Do the Right Mix - Second Round of Funding

The European Commission's Sustainable Urban Mobility campaign has launched a second round of funding to support actions that promote a behavioural shift towards a more sustainable urban mobility culture.

All interested parties are invited to share and register actions that highlight and promote the social, economic, and environmental advantages of combining different modes of transportation, in order to achieve increased visibility and be part of this broad endeavour. Non-commercial enterprises – such as NGO's, local authorities, public bodies or educational and research institutes – are eligible to apply for up to € 7 000 of financial support to assist initiatives that will take place during the period from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014.

Applications are to be made online by registering an account and are due by 12:00 (CET) on 31 May 2013.

More information is available on the Do the Right Mix Campaign website.

It should be noted that campaigners in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania and the UK are exempt from applying, as these countries already receive targeted support for setting up national campaigns.

Testing a Hydrogen-Fuel-Based Transport Infrastructure–European Lighthouse Project Results

European Lighthouse Projects (LHPs), funded by the public private partnership Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), are projects that intend to serve as high profile examples for Hydrogen Communities.

The first completed EU-funded LHP for hydrogen-fuel-cell cars is the ‘ Scandinavia' project, aimed to make the Scandinavian region (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) one of the first in Europe where hydrogen is readily available for transport vehicles and widely used in a network of refueling stations.

The project demonstrated that the hardware of fuel cell vehicles and the hydrogen refueling stations were unexpectedly reliable. The long term success of the project is witnessed by the fact that the hardware in Oslo and Copenhagen continues to serve hydrogen to fuel cell electric vehicles outside the framework of the project, and strategies in Norway, Denmark and other Nordic countries have been developed for a further deployment of the technology.

More information and the final project report are available on the Scandinavia website.

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