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October 2012

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News from TRIP


TRIP Participates at IRRB to Discuss Railway Research

News from the EU Institutions

Single European Sky Programme Targeted for Acceleration

Connecting Europe: Infrastructure Growth through Project Bonds

Biofuel Production Incentives

Public Consultation on the Urban Dimension of EU Transport Policy

Message from European Advisory Council on Transport and Environment

New Guidelines for Inland Waterways

News from the Transport Research & Innovation Community


19th ITS World Congress in Vienna a Success

Car Emissions Target for 2020 Achieved (Germany)

Germans Ride Five Times more Mass Transit than Americans

E-Update on the Cost of Bike Sharing

News from TRIP

TRIP Participates at IRRB to Discuss Railway Research

TRIP participated in the International Rail Research Board (IRRB) meeting on 20 September, 2012 in Berlin. TRIP was invited to this event by UIC, International Union of Railways, to discuss the opportunity to link both RAILWAY-RESEARCH and SPARK to TRIP.

RAILWAY-RESEARCH and SPARK are rail research tools that were recently added to the knowledge sharing landscape. The meeting provided an excellent platform to explore cooperation and synergies between these tools and TRIP. All parties agreed to continue to work towards an environment in which knowledge is shared and high quality information is made available to the users of the systems.

News from the European Institutions

Single European Sky Programme Targeted for Acceleration

Vice-President Siim Kallas spoke on 11 October 2012 in Cyprus at the conference ‘Single European Sky: time for action’, emphasizing the importance of a new European Airspace: ‘I have always said that the Single European Sky is my top aviation priority. It is too important to be allowed to fail.

Vice-President Kallas further announced that new legislation proposals will be presented in Spring 2013 in order to accelerate the implementation of the Single European Sky initiative, which aims at tripling capacity and halving air traffic costs.

More information can be found on the EC site.

Connecting Europe:  Infrastructure Growth through Project Bonds

In a speech given on 16 October 2012 at the European Transport Forum in Brussels, Vice-President Siim Kallas discussed the importance of transport’s role in connecting Europe and facilitating economic growth, and the need for funds not only from national and regional budgets but also from the private sector.

Vice-President Kallas described project bonds as one tool for increasing private sector involvement. ‘The EU can act, by helping to generate that cash requirement via the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and its pan-European dimension and approach… €31.7 billion is proposed for transport under the CEF. We need to attract more private sector involvement. One optimal way to do this is by using project bonds. These bonds are one of several risk-sharing instruments. ‘

Please read Vice-President Kallas’s speech for more information.

Biofuel Production Incentives

The European Commission is proposing to amend the current legislation on biofuels to stimulate the development of alternative biofuels derived from non-food feedstock, such as waste or straw since these methods emit substantially less greenhouse gases than fossil fuels and do not directly interfere with food production.

Under the new proposal, the use of food-based biofuels to meet the 10% renewable energy target of the Renewable Energy Directive will be limited to 5%, giving new incentives for best-performing biofuels.

More information can be found in the EC press release.

Public Consultation on the Urban Dimension of EU Transport Policy

The European Commission is currently seeking the opinion of the public and all relevant stakeholders on the future development of the urban dimension of EU transport policy.  The public consultation pays particular attention to the contents of the Transport White Paper, ‘Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system’.

The consultation was launched 17 September 2012 and is open through 10 December 2012.

More information can be found online.

Message from European Advisory Council on Transport and Environment  

In a meeting of the Congress of European Advisory Council on Transport and Environment, theEuropean Commissioner for Environment Janez Potočnik spoke about the importance of sustainable mobility, for both the environment and the economy, and the need for transport and air quality policies to go ‘hand-in-hand’.

Outlining a few key elements, Commissioner Potočnik said, ‘And last but not least, encourage innovation and address emissions at source. Industry, transport, energy production, agriculture and household consumption are important engines of growth and prosperity. To focus on transport, as a result of the EU-wide provisions called Euro standards, industry has innovated to cut emissions from vehicles, but there are still areas of concern, such as for example the high NOx emissions from diesel vehicles.’

See the press release for the complete speech.

New Guidelines for Inland Waterways

The European Commission is issuing new guidelines to ensure that inland navigation activities are environmentally and nature-aware and compatible with EU Policy and legislation. The guidelines, titled, ‘Inland waterway transport and Natura 2000 – sustainable inland waterway development and management in the context of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives’, are targeted towards investors, planners, decision-makers and nature conservation stakeholders, and help bring together a holistic understanding of the design of sustainable navigation projects that respect the ecological values of rivers.

Vice-President Siim Kallas added, ‘This transport sector is considered to be safe, energy efficient and more environmentally friendly than other transport modes. But as it is one of many users of our rivers, it needs to be developed in an ecologically sustainable way.’

More information is available in the press release.
News from the Transport Research Community

19th ITS World Congress in Vienna a Success

The 19th ITS World Congress took place 22 – 26 October in Vienna, Austria. The 4 day event was a huge success, attracting thousands of participants. The cutting edge of the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) industry was presented via 4000 live demonstration slots, and over 200 sessions and workshops. High-level government representatives from 30 countries including the Vice-President of the European Commission, Siim Kallas, Cyprus’s President of the EU Transport Council, Flourentzou Efthemios, and several Ministers, also met and attended a Ministerial Roundtable to discuss the latest developments in ITS in national and transnational transport policy.

For more information visit the 2012 ITS World Congress website.

Car Emissions Target for 2020 Achieved (Germany)

30 car models on the German market were found to have CO2 emissions below 95 grams per kilometre, the targeted maximum for 2020. The ranking was produced by Transport &Environment’s German member VCD.

The VW eco up and the Toyota Yaris each with 79 grams per kilometre, were ranked highest with respect to low CO2 emissions.

More information is available (in German).

Germans Ride Five Times more Mass Transit than Americans

Researchers found that Germans were five times more likely to use mass transport than Americans and that car use restrictions were the main cause of this behaviour.

More information can be found online.

E-Update on the Cost of Bike Sharing

The European Platform for Mobility Management (EPOMM) has released an e-update giving an overview of recent trends in bike sharing, including its growth in Eastern Europe, and its costs. Various cities and case studies are cited, and estimates of implementation and running costs per bike are provided.

Additional information including many relevant resources and a bike sharing world map are highlighted on the EPOMM site.

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