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July-August 2012

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News from TRIP


TRIP Online Survey

TRIP at Transport Research Infodays

News from the EU Institutions

Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership (SCC) Launched

Vice-President Kallas on Multimodal Journey Planners and ITS Applications

FP7 – Last Calls Published on the EC Participant Portal

Conference on Urban Mobility - 17 September in Brussels

Intelligent Energy Europe – Public Consultation

New App for Checking Up to Date Travel Information

News from the Transport Research & Innovation Community


New Urban Electric Light Commercial Vehicle (ELCV) Concept – Roadmap for 2020

CORPUS Mobility Research Agenda

OPENAIRE Initiative – Open Access to FP7 Project Output

News from TRIP

TRIP Survey Online

Your feedback is important! The TRIP team has created a survey to understand your transport research and policy information needs and preferences. You are kindly invited to take part in the survey available on the TRIP website.

Your participation will help further improve the TRIP website and the services offered. The survey is composed of 20 questions and inquires about your preferences with respect to the type of information you receive and the ways you receive it. You are also asked to share which EU transport policy categories are important to you. With your input, we hope to better target our services to your needs.

The survey will remain online until 20 August. Thank you in advance for your participation!

TRIP at Transport Research Infodays

Great attendance was received at the TRIP information stand at the Transport Research Infodays, which was held 18-19 July in Brussels. Informative materials were disseminated, including the recently published Policy Brochures and a series of fun TRIP gadgets.

If you are interested in receiving information from TRIP, please write to:

News from the European Institutions

Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership (SCC) Launched

On 10 July, the European Commission announced the launch of an innovation partnership for smart cities and communities. By partnering with cities and combining resources for research from the energy, transport, and ICT sectors, the Commission aims to facilitate the development of smart innovative technologies.

Vice-President Siim Kallas, responsible for transport, noted:

'Transport is the lifeblood of every city for people and business. But Europe's cities suffer most from road accidents, congestion, poor air quality and noise. We need to drive forwards the research and innovation that can bring us to our goals of CO2-free cities, phasing out conventionally fuelled cars from city centres, to smart charging of electric vehicles and smokeless silent buses.'

For more information, please refer to the press release.

Vice-President  Kallas on Multimodal Journey Planners and ITS applications

On 16 - 17 July, Vice-President Kallas met with transport and telecommunications ministers in Nicosia to discuss how to make intelligent transport systems a reality.

Vice-President Siim Kallas commented:

 'We need to develop European multimodal journey planners and other ITS applications in Europe. To make the best use of all existing transport modes and infrastructure, we need to ensure the availability, accessibility and exchange of all relevant information, such as schedules, capacity, and paths. The Commission will put forward ideas to support the private sector in developing multimodal transport planning and information services across Europe. This will allow new services like route planners or smart reservation and payment to spread for both passengers and freight, going beyond national borders and offering alternative transport modes.'

By focusing on 'open data', across transport systems, the EC hopes to help alleviate congestion, which is expected to increase along with the inevitable rise in freight and passenger transport by 2020.

More information on the meeting can be found online.

FP7 – Last calls published on the EC Participant Portal

The last calls under FP7 have been published on the European Commission Participant Portal. They cover various transport research topics including infrastructures, smart cities, air transport, sustainable surface transport, and more.

You can access all open calls online.

Conference on Urban Mobility - 17 September in Brussels

Urban mobility stakeholders, including industry and research representatives are invited to attend the conference ‘Towards competitive and resource efficient urban mobility’ that will take place in Brussels on 17 September 2012, hosted by the European Commission and Vice-President Kallas.

This aim of the conference is to launch the public consultation on the EU’s urban mobility activities as discussed in the White Paper ‘Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area - Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system’. The event will also review the accomplishments of the CIVITAS initiative.

More information is available on the CIVITAS website.

Intelligent Energy Europe – Public Consultation

A new opportunity for public involvement is available from Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE). Take part in shaping European Energy policy by answering the Interactive Policy Making (IPM) online questionnaire. This public consultation will help shape the research directions and support in the energy field in Horizon 2020.

Responses to the questionnaire are requested no later than 5 September 2012.

Click here to see more information and related documents.

New App for Checking Up to Date Travel Information

The European Commission has launched a new smartphone app to give travellers further rights and updated information, as part of the Commission’s ‘Your passenger rights at hand’ campaign. The app covers air and rail transport and will be extended to bus and marine travel in 2013.

You may download the app or find more information here. Smart phone users can also access the app through this QR code:

APP Barcode Image

News from the Transport Research Community

New Urban Electric Light Commercial Vehicle (ELCV) Design Concept Released

The DELIVER project, part of the European Green Cars Initiative, serves to explore and identify conceptual design options for fully electric light commercial vehicles in urban areas. The active project, funded by the European Commission, has recently released key design concepts, to facilitate the roadmap for 2020 and beyond. The new reports are available for download on the DELIVER project website.

CORPUS Mobility Research Agenda

CORPUS – Enhancing the Connectivity between Research and Policy-making in Sustainable Consumption – a European project funded under FP7, has published its research agenda after extensive consideration. The overall goal of the research agenda is to develop and suggest a path of present and future research needs in order to help achieve sustainable mobility in Europe.

In effect, about 100 people across Europe contributed to the formulation of the agenda, which presents hot topics in research for each of the following five themes:

  • Inter-modality

  • Planning

  • New types of mobility and mobility management

  • Behavioural aspects of sustainable mobility

  • Internalisation of externalities

For more information, please refer to the CORPUS Research Agenda.

OPENAIRE Initiative – Open Access to FP7 Project Output

OpenAIRE - Open Access Infrastructure Research for Europe- supports the European Commission's recent draft Communication and Recommendation to Member States, ‘Towards Better Access to Scientific Information’. The recommendation calls for more effective support of increased visibility and access to research results within Horizon 2020, the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020).

A wealth of information about open access policies, guidelines, and opportunities is available on the OpenAIRE website.

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