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May 2012

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We are happy to welcome you to the first e-Newsletter of the official TRIP portal. In this issue you will find more information about TRIP's launch, our recent Policy Brochures, and important news items from both the EU Institutions and the transport research community at large.

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News from TRIP

Launch of TRIP - Transport Research & Innovation Portal

Release of Two Policy Brochures Focused on Sustainability in EU Transport

News from the EU Institutions


Launch of Green Freight Europe

Progress in Lowering Road Fatalities in the EU Falls to 2%

TEN-T Multi-Annual Call - Projects Selected to Receive over �160 Million

Clean Sky 12th Call Open

News from the Transport Research And Innovation Community


TRA 2012 - A Success

The CIVITAS Forum Conference - Call for Speakers

The Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform

Poitou-Charentes Partners with HyER in Monitoring Electric Vehicle Deploymentt

News from TRIP

Launch of TRIP - Transport Research & Innovation Portal

TRKC is now TRIP! It is our pleasure to announce that TRIP, Transport Research & Innovation Portal, is now online and received full support by Vice-President Kallas at its official launch during the TRA conference in Athens, Greece. While continuing the main services offered by TRKC, TRIP presents a new look, more advanced and easy to use search capabilities, a richer content including an enhanced project database of more than 7 000 transport research projects as well as project documents and deliverables..

TRIP is available at

Release of Two Policy Brochures focused on Sustainability in EU Transport

TRIP has started the production of Policy Brochures. These publications share important information about the critical role transport research plays in policy-making, planning and development in the transport and mobility sector. Two Policy Brochures have been released and are available on the TRIP website:

Printed copies of the policy brochures are available on request. Please contact the TRIP helpdesk at:

News from the European Institutions

Launch of Green Freight Europe

The Green Freight Europe initiative was launched in Brussels on 27 March 2012. Vice-President Kallas presented this effort which focuses on freight to help Europe reach a more sustainable future in the coming decades. Rail, maritime, and air solutions were highlighted, together with innovations in Intelligent Transport Systems including paperless freight transport.

Vice-President Kallas noted:

'So what is the way forward for freight, to keep it competitive and sustainable? Firstly, we should optimise energy efficiency by using new vehicle and cleaner fuel technologies. As part of the EU's future strategy on HDV fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, we are exploring ways to improve vehicle efficiency using new engines, materials and design. We are also looking at changing rules on freight vehicle aerodynamics to improve both fuel efficiency and safety.'

More information can be found n the Green Freight Europe website.

Progress in Lowering Road Fatalities in the EU falls to 2%

Throughout the last decade, under the Road Safety Action Plan 2001-2011, road fatalities were cut by an average of 6% per year. Despite this very promising trend, the recent statistic for 2011 shows a decline in progress, with cuts at only 2%, and some Member States showing increased fatalities. Noting that motorcycle deaths continue to persist, Vice-President Kallas said, 'At EU level, I intend also to target specifically fatalities on motorcycles in 2012, we need to see the current trend reversed and these deaths start to fall.' In response, it can be expected that work to implement the EU's Road Safety Action Plan 2011-2020 will be ramped up.

For more information, visit the European Commission Website on this topic.

TEN-T Multi-Annual Call - Projects Selected to Receive over 160 Million

26 of the 47 eligible project proposals submitted were selected to receive EU funding in response to the 2011 Multi-Annual Programme Call. This call focused on the following three areas:

  • European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) - 15 projects, 100 million

  • Motorways of the Sea (MoS - TEN-T Priority Project 21) -7 projects, 50 million

  • River Information Services (RIS) - 4 projects, 10 million

The selected projects will facilitate meeting important priorities of the TEN-T Programme, working towards an efficient and competitive transport infrastructure network.

More information can be found on the TEN-T EA site

Clean Sky 12th Call Open

The 12th Call for Proposals for Clean Sky was released on 12 April. The call includes 42 topics organised into the following six themes:

  • EcoDesign

  • Green Regional Aircraft

  • Green Rotorcraft

  • Sustainable and Green Engines

  • Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft

  • Systems for Green Operations

The available funding totals 32 million.

Proposals must be submitted by 10 July 2012.

Various information days will be organised for the programme, with the next information day set for 17 May in Torino. More information can be found on the event page on the Clean Sky website, as well as a full description of the call for proposals. For further technical support and questions, email

News from the Transport Research Community

TRA 2012 - A Success

The fourth Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference took place in Athens on 23 - 26 April 2012. The conference focused on innovation in sustainable mobility and for the first time dealt extensively with all surface transport modes: road, rail and waterborne, as well and the links between them. The conference was a huge success, accredited to the organisers, speakers, contributors, and especially all the active participants - scientists, policy-makers, and stakeholders alike.

Stay tuned for information on the next TRA conference, in 2014 on the TRA conference website.

The CIVITAS Forum Conference - Call for Speakers

The CIVITAS Forum Conference Secretariat invites proposals for CIVITAS I and II cities and external speakers are to contribute presentations for either technical or Pecha Kucha sessions. There are eight slots available across five technical sessions and ten slots across two Pecha Kucha sessions.

This year, the CIVITAS Forum Conference will take place in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain from 24 to 26 September. Under the title 'Managing Mobility: Planning for Sustainable Cities', the conference will explore successful aspects of sustainable urban mobility and public space planning. The draft agenda is now available.

Interested speakers can apply no later than Friday, 18 May 2012.

For more information, visit the CIVITAS Forum 2012 web page.

The Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform

The Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform was designed to support innovation and facilitate the creation and use of energy-efficient technologies in cities.

Specific focus is on one of the major challenges for new technologies in the urban environment-namely, integration. The Platform is formed by five groups, including three thematic (technical) working groups and a finance and roadmap coordination group. Working group themes include:

  • Energy supply networks

  • Energy efficiency in buildings

  • Mobility and Transport

On the Smart Cities website, you can browse the current members of the community, read the Smart Cities Blog, follow updates on Twitter, and learn more about the initiative and its events.

The Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform is hosting an Annual Conference on 10 July 2012.

Poitou-Charentes partners with HyER in Monitoring Electric Vehicle Deployment

The French region of Poitou-Charentes initiated a collaboration with HyER, the European Association for hydrogen fuel cells and electro-mobility in European regions, in order to monitor the impact of electric vehicles (EV). The European Electromobility Observatory, a pilot funded by HyER and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs Agriculture and Innovation (ELI), will now cover electric vehicle projects in that region in addition to London, Milan, Rotterdam/Amsterdam, Hamburg, North Rhine Westphalia, and Oslo/Stockholm.

HyER aims to be an important reference source for electro-mobility deployment in Europe and seeks to engage more regions in this initiative. The Poitou-Charentes region, one Europe's first to offer EV car sharing services (since 1999), is interested in cooperating with other HyER members to develop new financing facilities to further stimulate demand for EV.

For more information on HyER's activities and partnerships, please contact the HyER secretariat at

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