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News from the TRKC

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News from the EU Institutions

Updates on TRA 2012

The second TRA 2012 Newsletter has been released. It is downloadable from the Transport Research Arena website

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TEN-T Call for Proposals is Open

On 10 January 2012, the European Commission launched the Annual Call for Proposals under the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) programme. Although the Call takes place during 2012 it is still part of the 2011 Annual Work Programme. The Annual Call complements the funding already made available in June 2011 through the multi-annual programme in order to speed up the completion of the TEN-T network and will help prepare the ground for future TEN-T policy developments. For the current call, €200 million has been made available to co-finance projects in several specific priority areas.

Priority 1 - Promote the development of an integrated and multi-modal transport system
Priority 2 - Promote infrastructure development contributing to mitigation and adaptation to climate change and reducing the impact of transport on the environment
Priority 3 - Accelerate/facilitate the implementation of TEN-T projectsnbsp
Priority 4 - Support to Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and innovative financial instruments
Priority 5 - Support to the long term implementation of the TEN-T network, in particular development of corridors that shall enable a coordinated implementation of the network

The deadline for submitting proposals has been set for 13 April 2012.

More information is available here

Aviation: Commission Adopts Proposal on how to Prepare for Next Stage of the SESAR Programme

On 22 December 2011, the European Commission adopted the communication ‘Governance and incentive mechanisms for the deployment of SESAR, the Single European Sky's technological pillar’. This was adopted after a broad consultation process with stakeholders.

The Communication describes the main elements proposed by the Commission to prepare the move from the development to the deployment stage of the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research Programme (SESAR). The proposal focuses on establishing appropriate governance and incentive mechanisms to enable the achievement of the performance objectives of the Single European Sky.

The Single European Sky initiative sets out to put an end to the current fragmentation of the European airspace and will result in tripling current air traffic capacity, improving safety by a factor of ten, while halving air traffic management costs and reducing the environmental impact of each flight by 10%.

The proposal describes how effective deployment will depend on the Commission exercising strong political oversight; an effective deployment manager through a binding industrial partnership; and efficient management within each individual implementation project.

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IEE Call for Proposals

The Annual Call for proposals under the Intelligent Energy Programme is now open. Funding projects that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy is at the heart of the IEE programme. The STEER programme in particular supports projects which promote, build on and/or implement the existing EU policy and legislative frameworks for energy efficiency and renewable or alternative fuels in transport. Projects should build on tried and tested strategies and technologies and aim to achieve energy savings by removing the non-technological market barriers to ensure a wider application thereof.

Priority will be given to projects which go beyond raising the awareness of individual citizens, householders and decision makers and actually achieve measurable changes in behaviour. Projects should deliver and apply existing knowledge to the relevant target groups in a convincing and motivating way. They must contribute to wider dissemination and use of proven, transferable strategies and technologies.

Transport of goods and people are both addressed. However, actions aiming specifically to shift freight from road to short-sea shipping, rail and inland waterways, which can be supported by the Marco Polo II Programme, will not be funded.

In 2012 STEER will cover the two following Key Actions:

• Energy efficient transport: for actions to reduce the demand for travel by car and transport by road freight, and to shift travel and transport to more efficient transport modes.

• Clean and energy efficient vehicles: for actions to help transform the market towards more energy-efficient vehicles, supporting and complementing the recent legislation in this area.

The deadline to submit proposals is 8 May 2012
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Republic of Moldova joins EU Research Programme

The European Union and Moldova have forged closer ties in research and innovation. Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science and Gheorghe Duca, President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the association of Moldova to the EU's Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7). This will allow Moldovan scientists, research institutes, universities and companies to collaborate with their counterparts across Europe in key research areas, while strengthening their own research expertise and capacity. In practice they will compete for research funding on an equal footing with counterparts in EU Member States. In return Moldova will contribute to the overall FP7 budget, calculated on the basis of its GDP. The Republic of Moldova will be the 14th country associated to FP7. Read more in English or in Romanian.

News from the Transport Research Community

New Chair and Vice-Chair for Acare

During the second meeting of the new Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE), which took place in Brussels on 18 November 2011, Mr Tom Enders, President and CEO of Airbus and Mr Peter Hartman, CEO of KLM were elected as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively.

The Working Groups preparing the elements of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda have reported accelerated progress. This is intended to be a key document for aeronautics and air transport in the next European Commission Framework Programme 'Horizon 2020'.

The next General Assembly is scheduled to meet on 28 March 2012.

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Rail Route 2050: The Sustainable Backbone of the Single European Transport Area

An initial update of the ERRAC Vision for Railway Research and Innovation for the Future of Rail Towards a Competitive, Resource Efficient and Intelligent Rail Transport System for 2050 .

An initial update of the ERRAC vision for the future of rail, projecting to 2050, has been issued, addressing the European effort required for research and innovation to achieve a competitive, resource efficient and intelligent rail transport system. As Prof. Andrew McNaughton, ERRAC Chairman, said, this will require streamlined investment from applied/focused research, development and demonstration to real market uptake, supported by both investment as well as by aligned complementary legislation.

The European vision for railway research and innovation outlined in the document illustrates the research pillars that need to be supplemented by the corresponding investment pillar. To complement those, the legislation pillar is necessary to provide fair market conditions. This combination has the potential to transform rail into the low carbon natural transport mode of choice in the middle of the 21st Century.

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