June 2011

Latest news from the Transport Research Knowledge Centre


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We are back with the latest news about the Transport Research Knowledge Centre (TRKC). The TRKC is a free database featuring up-to-date information on European transport research activities. It enables policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders to access results of EU or nationally financed transport research in the European Research Area (ERA).

In this bulletin, we report on the following issues:

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Integration and Policy Development - Thematic Research Summary

Integration and Policy Development - Thematic Research Summary

The Transport Research Knowledge Centre has published a new Thematic Research Summary on Integration and Policy Development that deals with strategic research into integration of different policy instruments to achieve improved performance of the transport system.

Strategic integration can involve the coordinated planning of several modes so that each contributes more effectively. It can involve the combination of different measures under the dimension of “tools”, including infrastructure, management, regulation and pricing. It can also involve integration between transport and land-use policies.

The research emphasis is on how best to achieve benefits from such integration, either by increasing the benefits or by overcoming barriers to the implementation of any measure. Hence the theme also addresses research into the wider issue of policy development. A distinction is made between strategic integration and the operational integration of different modes for freight or passenger transport.

This theme covers only the strategic aspects. Operational aspects of integration, either within a transport mode or across modes, are covered under the six modal themes and under the passenger and freight themes.

Thematic Research Summary on Integration and Policy Development can be downloaded in the Thematic Publications section of the TRKC website.

Still open: ELVA survey - what are customer expectations for electric vehicles?

The development of new concepts for electric vehicles is an important task. The European project ELVA is currently developing advanced electric vehicle architectures. The goal is to exploit new freedoms in design and to realize effective lightweight measures. The project partners would like to incorporate the requirements and needs of potential customers directly into the development. Due to this fact they have set-up a questionnaire which will help especially in this regard.

The ELVA consortium would be very grateful if you could invest about 15-20 minutes of your time in order to answer their questions. Please use this unique chance to directly influence the future of electro mobility! As an incentive, you may win one of three navigation devices. The survey can be accessed from now on and until 30 June 2011 under www.elva-project.eu/survey.html.

Please feel free to spread this link among colleagues, friends & family, post it in social networks, twitter it or use any other form of distribution. If there are any questions, you may contact the project coordinator directly under info@elva-project.eu.

ELVA is a European grouping consisting of seven partners who will develop architectures for electric vehicles particularly designed for electric drive in the next two years. The project is coordinated by ika RWTH Aachen University. Furthermore, Continental, Fiat, Renault, and Volkswagen participate in the project as industrial partners. The consortium is supplemented by the Swedish Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre SAFER as well as IDIADA Automotive Technology from Spain. It receives funding within the 7th Research Framework Programme of the European Commission. Further information is available under www.elva-project.eu.

Les Services d’information fluviale (SIF) - Policy Brochure in French

The TRKC has published the French translation of the Policy Brochure on River Information Services (Les Services d’information fluviale). This concise study helps you to discover how transport research is contributing to policy-making and transport operations, illustrated by examples of particular achievements.

The brochure focuses on information services for inland navigation, known in Europe as River Information Services (RIS). River Information Services are defined as a concept of harmonised information services to support traffic and transport management in inland navigation, including interfaces to other modes of transport.

The French version of the Policy Brochure on River Information Services can be downloaded in the Policy Publications section of the TRKC website.