December 2007

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New transport research projects online!

This e-bulletin offers you the latest transport research news throughout the European Research Area. It is produced by the Transport Research Knowledge Centre (TRKC). The TRKC is the information portal that gives you a comprehensive overview of transport research, its results and policy implications carried out on national, European and international levels.  


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More projects now online

Some 4000 European, national and international research projects are now accessible on the TRKC website. We already cover a broad selection of national projects from all Member States of the European Research Area – with the exception of Germany – which will be shortly online as well. Our team is working to make all transport-related projects from the EU’s 6th Framework Programme available for you. Already you can consult project profiles for more than100 FP6 projects… and we upload more daily.


The projects range from sustainable urban solutions to innovative inter-modal strategies. The TRKC website allows you to search according to your needs. To explore this for yourself, visit


Search by programme

A new website feature now lets you search European transport research projects by their programme provenance. Soon this search facility will be expanded to allow users to search projects also by sub-programmes of the Framework Programmes for Research and Development.


Support Network

We have recently launched a call for applications to join the TRKC Support Network. By joining the Support Network you can contribute to building the portal for transport research activities throughout Europe and beyond.


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Transport events online
Find out what’s going on in the world of transport research through the TRKC's events calendar. New event announcements are published regularly. You can also publish your own event on the TRKC website.
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