July 2007- 2nd issue

Latest news from the 'Transport Research Knowledge Centre'

Help us to improve the TRKC web portal user survey launched!

We welcome your feedback to improve our services.

The TRKC website has recently been re-launched. TRKC provides you with an overview of transport research carried out at European, international and national levels. To continue to improve our services, we invite you to respond to our user survey with questions on your information needs and the usability of the website. The survey questionnaire should only take a few minutes to complete.  Your replies will be treated in confidence and are subject to a Data Privacy statement.

Thank you!


Simplified reporting scheme for project data

Help us highlight your achievements to a Europe-wide audience. Whether you co-ordinate an EU-funded project or undertake national research in your own country, you can add your project to the TRKC database.

By completing a single Word form (available from the website) you can submit useful information at any stage of your project, whether at project start, when interim results are available or at project end. Please email your completed form to: PAG@iabg.de. 


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