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October 2008

Latest news from the Transport Research Knowledge Centre


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We are back with the latest news about the Transport Research Knowledge Centre (TRKC). The TRKC is a free database featuring up-to-date information on European transport research activities. It enables policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders to access results of EU or nationally financed transport research in the European Research Area (ERA).

In this e-bulletin we report on the publication of two new Thematic Research Summaries (on environmental and economic aspects of transport), the first batch of FP6 project results, and on our participation in the European Transport Conference 2008.

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Environmental and Economic Aspects – Two new Thematic Research Summaries published

TRS Environmental AspectsProject research results from the TRKC database are analysed along our 30 transport themes. The policy implications of the projects are compiled into Thematic Research Summaries. These reports are regularly updated as more information from completed research projects from both European and national research programmes becomes available.

We are proud to announce the publication of two new Thematic Research Summaries, signalling the start of a series of new updates on all transport themes. Both are available for download in the 'Publications' section of the TRKC website:

  • The Thematic Research Summary on the “Environmental Aspects of Sustainable Mobility” deals with all the adverse effects of transport on the environment, including air and water pollution, noise, vibration, visual impacts, social impacts and waste disposal. The contribution of transport to climate change is also included.
  • The theme “Economic Aspects of Sustainable Mobility” deals with the investigation of the ways in which economic efficiency and beneficial development impacts can be pursued, as well as of the ways in which they are measured and assessed.

First set of FP6 project results available

The Transport Research Knowledge Centre provides you with relevant information on key project outputs as well as technical and policy implications. Available final reports and other useful project deliverables may also be downloaded in the Projects & Analysis section of the TRKC website.

Having uploaded detailed profiles for virtually all projects from the 6th RTD Framework Programme (FP6), we've started to provide result summaries for these projects. You can find those on the TRKC website in the Browse by funding origin section – just select 'FP6' in the project origin list and tick 'Results'.

TRKC present at the European Transport Conference 2008

The European Transport Conference, held in Leiden from 6-8 October 2008, proved once again to be a meeting point where transport professionals could find in-depth presentations on policy issues, research findings and best practice across a broad spectrum of transport modes. The Transport Research Knowledge Centre participated in the event, which represented a great opportunity to initiate direct contact with policy makers, transport planners, researchers, and many other professionals dedicated to transport development in Europe.

In addition to reaching the audience by means of a stand in the Conference centre, Gaby Jauernig, the project co-ordinator of TRKC presented the project in the “Workshop on Knowledge Sharing”. She explained the role of TRKC as an information dissemination tool and the advantages of working with it. The workshop allowed an inspiring exchange of experience and best practice with other online database projects that support the work of European transport professionals.


RANKERS – Ranking for European Road Safety

The RANKERS project's main result was a contribution to the emergence of a European culture of safe road engineering. The project adopted an integrated approach, addressing human (driver) behaviour, vehicle response and infrastructure – with an emphasis on infrastructure, and its interactions with humans and vehicles. As a final consequence of these activities, the project developed a performance-based ranking of safety recommendations, helping to prioritise the different solutions and optimise allocation of funds.

EMMA2 – European airport Movement Management by A-SMGCS, Part 2

The result of EMMA is the capability harmonised Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) implementation at European airports. For this reason, it was important to bring together users, service providers, research organisations and manufacturers. A main extension of the A-SMGCS concept by EMMA was the holistic, integrated air-ground approach that considers aircraft equipped with advanced systems for pilot assistance in a context where tower and apron controllers are supported by A-SMGCS ground systems.

Find more FP6 result summaries on the TRKC website!


New project profiles

See the latest project profiles available in our searchable database. There are about 400 projects from FP6 available (and almost 6 000 European and national projects in total). New descriptions and result summaries are being added continuously.

New transport events

Find out what is going on in the world of transport research through the TRKC events calendar. New event announcements are published regularly.


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