July 2007

Latest news from the 'Transport Research Knowledge Centre'

TRKC re-launched!

The Transport Research Knowledge Centre is back on track! The new-look TRKC offers a comprehensive overview of transport research programmes and projects throughout the European Research Area. At your fingertips you have a wide range of high quality analytical publications on transport themes and policy priorities. The TRKC can also alert you on the latest transport events.

In the coming months we will add extensive new content to the website and make it easier to search for research results. Some 6000 European, national and international research projects will soon be accessible, including all transport related projects from the EU’s 6th Framework Programme. The website allows you to make searches tailored to your needs. We will also offer updates of our analytical research summaries, enriched with latest research results and policy papers on emerging concerns in the transport field.

Your opinion counts!

The TRKC web portal is there for you. We value your opinion, which helps us meet your needs.

We will send out a survey to our readers in the next couple of weeks. The results of this survey will help us revamp the website and ensure we deliver the information you need. In particular we will aim to improve the user-friendliness and the search functionalities of the database. Thank you in advance for your feedback!


  • Expanding the scope of the service
  • New projects online in the database
  • New transport events online



Expanding the scope of the service
The TRKC database is growing! In the coming months the database will be expanded with up to 6000 European, national and international research projects. It gives you a unique opportunity to make tailor-made searches.

The TRKC will continue to collect information about national transport research activities. We will also increase efforts in covering European projects from the EU's Framework Programmes (FP5 and FP6). The consortium is currently collecting information on these. Spread the success and good practice of your project by submitting your own results.
Find out how to submit your project

New transport events online
Find out what is going on in the world of transport research through TRKC's events calendar. New event announcements are published on a regular basis.
TRKC events calendar

New projects online in the database
Some 60 projects have been recently added to the TRKC database. The projects range from Urban transport solutions to innovative design for train cars. Click on the links below to find out which projects have been published in the areas that most interest you.





Passenger transport

Air transport

Economic aspects

Decision-support tools

Freight transport

Rail transport


Financing tools


Road transport

Equity and accessibility

Information and awareness

Urban transport

Waterborne transport

Environmental aspects

Infrastructure provision (incl. TENs)

Rural transport

Other modes

User aspects


Regional transport

Intermodal transport

Safety and security

Intelligent Transport Systems

Long-distance transport




EU accession issues



Land-use planning




Transport management




Pricing and taxation




Vehicle technology

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4th International Kuhmo Conference

12-13 July, 2007

INSTR2007- Transportation Network Reliability


19 – 20 July, 2007

The Hague – The Netherlands

23rd World Road Congress


17-21 September, 2007
Paris - France


Road Safety Summit


3 – 9 September, 2007

Halmstad – Sweden




27 September, 2007
Brussels - Belgium

European Transport Conference

16-19 October, 2007
Leiden - The Netherlands