April 06 Newsletter

Latest news from the 'Transport Research Knowledge Centre' funded by the European Commission

2nd revised edition of Thematic Research Summaries for transport modes and policy issues & tools
To facilitate searching and filtering of information, projects have been categorised on our web site according to a multi-dimensional thematic structure broken down into sector, geographic area, mode, policy objectives and tools.

On top of providing a project level analysis of research results we are consolidating findings at European and national levels and analysing them along transport themes resulting in Thematic Research Summaries.   These papers will be updated again in the summer to include key findings and policy recommendations from completed research projects from the 5th Framework Programme and research undertaken at national level in the European Research Area becomes available.

In this second issue, papers include a detailed definition of each theme and identified sub-themes, associated policy issues and a list of projects contributing to each theme including a set of initial findings.

Download the ten updated papers by clicking on the themes listed below or go to the Thematic Analysis page on the web site. 

 1. Sector  4. Policy objectives
  Passenger  Efficiency
 2. Geographic  Environmental aspects
 Urban  User Aspects
 3. Modes  5. Tools
 Road  Decision-support Tools
 Other Modes  Integration

 Pricing, Taxation & Financing Tools

New set of national projects from the Netherlands focusing on road safety
One of the objectives of the White Paper on Transport in 2001 was to halve the number of road fatalities between 2001 and 2010 in the EU. Achieving this target is a shared responsibility, shared between the European Union and the Member States, but also between companies, local entities, the media, schools, associations and numerous other stakeholders.

At Members States' level much research is done focusing on several aspects of road safety; in the Netherlands this goes from information awareness, speed enforcement measures, training novice drivers, improving the road network and infrastructure etc.  Find out more about these road safety projects.

New transport events - this month's focus: road safety
Find out about the main transport events in Europe.

SafetyNet Conference on European Accident Data and Road and Vehicle Safety Policy (10-11 May - Prague): SafetyNet is a large European traffic safety research project which aims to optimise data gathering and data availability in Europe. This is an important issue as the information can be of valuable support for the decision making of policy makers.

3rd Traffic and Road Safety International Conference - TRODSA (17-19 May - Ankara)
The goal of TRODSA is to provide an opportunity for the exchange of information on techniques and applica­tions of traffic and road safety, and to en­courage inter­national co-operation in this field.

European Road Transport Research Conference
The conference (12-16 June - Göteborg) is co-organised with the European Commission and ERTRAC (the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council).It will focus on the implementation of the European Research Area (ERA) on road transport. Its mission: to support the alignment of European, national, regional and private research and development actions on road transport by enhancing the networking and clustering of Europe's research and development capacity based on a shared Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). This will contribute to a more competitive, sustainable, safer and efficient road transport system.

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