April 05 Newsletter

Latest news from the 'Transport Research Knowledge Centre' funded by the European Commission

Thematic Research Summaries for 30 transport modes and policy issues & tools for the first time available! 
To facilitate searching and filtering of information, projects have been categorised on our web site according to a multi-dimensional thematic structure broken down into sector, geographic area, mode, policy objectives and tools.

On top of providing a project level analysis of research results we are consolidating findings at European and national levels and analysing them along these 30 transport themes resulting in Thematic Research Summaries.   These papers will be updated regularly as more information from completed research projects from the 5th Framework Programme and research undertaken at national level in the European Research Area becomes available.

In their first issue, papers include a detailed definition of each theme and identified sub-themes, associated policy issues and a list of projects contributing to each theme.

Download the papers by clicking on the themes listed below or go to the Thematic Analysis page on the web site. 

1. Sector  4. Policy objectives
 Passenger  Economic Aspects
 Freight  Efficiency
2. Geographic  Equity and Accessibility
 Urban  Environmental Aspects
 Rural  Safety and Security
 Regional  User Aspects
 Long-distance  5. Tools
 EU Accession Issues  Decision-support Tools
 3. Modes  Financing Tools
 Air  Information & Awareness
 Rail  Infrastructure Provision (incl TENs)
 Road  Integration
 Waterborne  Intelligent Transport Systems
 Other Modes  Regulation/Deregulation
 Intermodal  Land-Use Planning
   Transport Management
   Pricing & Taxation
   Vehicle Technology

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