Railway dynamic effects electric power grid functioning

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Railway dynamic effects electric power grid functioning
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Elektriraudtee mõjud elektrivõrgu dünaamilisele talitlusele
Rail transport
Funding: National (Estonia)
Duration: 05/16 - 12/16
Transport Themes: Rail transport (key theme).
Rail transport, Innovative technologies
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This study aims to assess the dynamics of changes in the power quality indicators and the asymmetric transmission of dynamic pinpointed and to analyze the relationships between the transmission network electrical strength, power quality, and various types of consumers. 

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Elering AS
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The research relates to the field of electric transport Electric Railway specifying the technical investigation related to the connection power quality factors affecting the nature and extent of both normal Table or not normal (N-1 criterion).

It has been developed in the electrical and electronic railways  various models for different kind of  load.

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Ivo Palu
Tallinn University of Technology , Faculty of Power Engineering, Department of Electrical Power Engineering, Chair of High Voltage Engineering
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