National reader tourism and sustainable mobility Bulgaria

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National reader tourism and sustainable mobility Bulgaria
Multimodal transport
Funding: National (Bulgaria)
Duration: 04/12 - 04/15
Transport Themes: Multimodal transport (key theme).
Passenger transport, Freight transport, Multimodal transport, Regulation, competition and public services, Infrastructure and TEN-T, Land-use and transport planning, International cooperation & EU Neighbourhood Policy, Transport management, Long-term perspectives, Environmental impacts, Economic and regional impacts, Accessibility, social and equity impacts
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Background & policy context: 

An entire work package of the SEEMORE project is dedicated to the transfer of knowledge, which takes place at different levels and among different stakeholders all along the project life cycle. At national level, two National Transfer Seminars are organised by each of the eight SEEMORE regions in their respective countries. The National Transfer Seminars gather representatives of tourist destinations that are not participating in the SEEMORE project, but share the same (or similar) challenges of the SEEMORE regions in terms of tourists’ mobility management. The aim of the National Transfer Seminars is to disseminate the innovative approach to tourists’ mobility management developed within the SEEMORE project, thus facilitating and encouraging the transfer of best practices in this field. In order to facilitate discussion, a National Reader on tourism and sustainable mobility is prepared by each SEEMORE region before its National Transfer Seminar and distributed at the event. According to a common approach, the National Readers first briefly present the SEEMORE project, then give an overview of the developments on tourism and sustainable mobility in the relevant country and finally list the innovative actions implemented within the SEEMORE project that are going to be presented at the related seminar. 


More attractive and environment friendly seaside Dobrudza through sustainable
tourism and transport development.

The main goals are as follows:

  • - To develop a strong information and promotion campaign: introducing the concept of “Mobility Management” in the region and explaining the benefits of sustainable tourism and transport development;
  • - To introduce new mobility measures in resort areas thus linking tourism and transport sectors;
  • - To increase the energy effectiveness of transport
  • - To provide improved information for  visitors  about  sustainable  mobility  options  like  public transport, cycling, walking and electric mobility;
  • - To develop integrated tourist products that combine leisure and public transport lines;
  • - To create new and improved sustainable mobility options and services for visitors, including public bicycles and new public transport services.
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Ministry of Transport, municipality and private sector

CINESI Transport Consultants, Spain

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Slavena Radovanovic
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Central European Initiative
1 Saborna Str.
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+359 2 8513558