Environment and transport network improvement.

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LIFE94 ENV/E/001432

Environment and transport network improvement.
Land-use and transport planning
Funding: European
Duration: 05/94 - 06/95
Transport Themes: Land-use and transport planning (key theme).
Road transport, Multimodal transport, Awareness, information and user rights, Transport management, Assessment & decision support methodologies, Economic and regional impacts, Accessibility, social and equity impacts
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This project involves the redesign of several traffic axes in the principle city centre. It is intended that these main streets will no longer serve as traffic routes, but will become co-existence streets where preference is given to non-motorised traffic. Residents' vehicles enter these streets to park in the evening, and loading/unloading is permitted in the early morning. During the rest of the day, they are reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. The goal for this project is to improve the environmental standard in the city by reducing the pressure from private vehicles in public zones, encouraging the use of public transport and producing mixed-usage areas for motorised, non-motorised vehicles and pedestrians. The activity involves the pedestrianisation of a route formerly taken by traffic in the city centre which became one of the most heavily used boulevards. To bring this idea to fruition, not only has a traffic route been pedestrianised and virtually closed to motor vehicles, but also the surrounding road network has had to be redesigned, road safety improved and the impact of vehicular transport be reduced, etc.

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European Union
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Ayuntamiento de San Sebastian
C/ Urdaneta, 13
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