Technologies for goods transportation (Operational Group 6)

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Technologies for goods transportation (Operational Group 6)
Technologies pour le transport de marchandises
Programme type: Funding programme
Origin: National (France)
Duration: 2002 - 2007
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Background & policy context: 

Freight transport is expected to grow rapidly and represent a key issue in the short and long term regarding sustainable development. This can be addressed by technological development and innovation.

Strategic Objectives: 

This operational group aims to explore all future prospects provided by new technologies to develop, optimise and regulate freight transport.

Programme organisation: 

This operational group focuses on five themes:

  • Optimise and regulate flows on existing infrastructure: in short term this encompasses road signs and on-board-units. Includes promoting optimal speeds for the chosen lane, routing advice to avoid congestion, etc. One example is the automated road for HGVs: reserved lanes for guided convoys at an optimal speed.
  • Improve environmental compatibility of road freight transport: regarding pollution reduction, noise devices, etc but also progress in organisation (fully loading HGVs, reduction of empty HGVs, etc).
  • Favour non-road modes: in accordance with European policy this consists of encouraging rail, inland waterway and maritime transport.
  • Improve quality of services: improve transport condition of goods, to minimise risks of damage, delays, etc.
  • Improve safety for passengers and goods.
Leading Institutions:

Public institution

(1) METLTM: Ministère de l'Equipement, des Transports, du Logement, du Tourisme et de la Mer (Ministry of Public Works, Transport, Housing, Tourism and the Sea), DRAST (Research Directorate)(2) Ministère Délégué à la Recherche et aux Nouvelles Technologies (Ministry for Research and New Technologies)
Type of funding: 
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

See main programme form for Predit 3 for details.

Participating countries: 
Total number of projects: 

20 (ongoing in 2002-2003)

Projects covered: 

Examples of projects are:

- ELU: Urban logistics areas
- CORRECT: Aid to supervision and operational direction for Franco-German freight traffic
- ELODIT: Powerful locomotives for non-electrified lines.

Project Profiles:
  1. Aid to supervision and operational direction for Franco-German freight traffic
  2. High-powered locomotive for non-electrified lines
  3. Tele-operated Systems for Rail Highways (Lot 1)
  4. Urban Logistic Spaces
Contact Name: 
Mr Daniel de Briey (1) Mr Ludovic Valadier (2)
(1) METLTM (Ministère de l'Equipement), DTT (2) Ministère Délégué à la Recherche et aux Nouvelles Technologies
Tour Pascal B
F - 92055
La Défense
Contact country: 
(1) + 33 1 40 81 13 88 / (2) +33 1 55 55 81 66
Fax Number: 
(1) + 33 1 40 81 13 92 / (2) +33 1 55 55 82 79