Slovenia's Competitiveness 2001-2006

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Slovenia's Competitiveness 2001-2006
Konkurencnost Slovenije 2001-2006
Programme type: Funding programme
Origin: National (Slovenia)
Duration: 2001 - 2006
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Background & policy context: 

In 2001 the 2nd phase of the country's integrated research programme was developed as a framework programme entitled 'Slovenia's Competitiveness 2001-2006'. This framework programme was established by the MSZS in co-ordination with other ministries and the Cabinet.

Strategic Objectives: 

The programme aims at combining the RTD activities of various sectors according to national priorities. The national framework programme takes account of the country's long-term development strategy, the state budget, regional planning and other development programmes.

Transport research projects form part of the national RTD programme to strengthen the economic infrastructure.

Programme organisation: 

The national RTD (Research and Technical Development) framework programme 2001-2006 comprises 9 main research themes which cover economic, social, political and infrastructure topics. Transport research projects form part of the programme as transport infrastructure is seen as a means to strengthen the economic infrastructure.

Leading Institutions:

Public institution

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (MSZS)
Type of funding: 
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

For the transport research projects of year 2002, some EUR 200 000 have been allocated under the national RTD programme. They are financed by 3 ministries:

  • MSZS: 43 %
  • Ministry of Transport: 28.5 %
  • Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning: 28.5 %.
Participating countries: 
Total number of projects: 

2 projects related to the transport sector

Projects covered: 

Topic 1 - Public passenger traffic and urban planning:

  • Analysis of the development options of public passenger transport in connection with urban development taking account of the development of quality of life, mobility and health aspects.
  • Elaboration of tariff models and unified ticket systems for public passenger transport.

Topic 2 - Analysis of the development options of intermodal transport facilities:

  • Elaboration of basic documents for a strategy for the long-term development of intermodal transport facilities
  • Elaboration of indicators for intermodal transport facilities in Slovenia under international, national and regional aspects.
Project Profiles:
  1. Improvement of ITS in road traffic
  2. Modelling in sea transport for improving safety and efficiency
  3. Possibilities of development of railway for high speeds
  4. Road Traffic and Infrastructure Management
Contact Name: 
Mr Dean Herenda
Contact Email: 
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Langusova 4
Contact country: 
+386 1 478 82 12
Fax Number: 
+386 1 478 81 48