The Netherlands Institute of Housing and Planning (various projects)

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The Netherlands Institute of Housing and Planning (various projects)
Nederlands Instituut voor Ruimtelijke Ordening en Volkshuisvesting
Programme type: Funding organisation
Origin: National (Netherlands)
Duration: 1917 - Ongoing
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Background & policy context: 

Established in 1917, the institute mobilises individuals and organisations to raise the quality of spatial plans, urban design and development projects.

Strategic Objectives: 

NIROV works to maintain and improve standards in planning policy and practice in the Netherlands and is increasingly active within international networks. NIROV's aims are:
- to unite the members of its network in order to organise several activities in the field of planning and housing
- to mobilise its members to make a contribution to the improvement of the field of study
- to accommodate organisations that contribute to the same aims as NIROV

- to publish periodicals on the subjects of planning and housing
- to communicate to and from its members
One particular aim is to foster innovation and the exchange of ideas.

Programme organisation: 

NIROV is a society with approximately 4000 members who pay a membership fee. It has several study groups that examine different spatial- and housing-related subjects. One of these study groups is concerned with Mobility and the contribution of mobility and infrastructure to the spatial debate.

Leading Institutions:

Research agency

Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

NIROV is a non-profit organisation. Its activities are largely funded on a project basis by private organisations, government agencies and NGOs. Membership fees, subscriptions, grants and government subsidies make up the remaining sources of income.

Participating countries: 
The Netherlands
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Contact Name: 
Contact Email: 
P.O. Box 30833
2500 GV
The Hague
Contact country: 
+ 31 (0)70 302 84 84
Fax Number: 
+ 31 (0)70 361 74 22