Large-scale programme for Energy research

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Large-scale programme for Energy research
Programme type: Funding programme
Origin: National (Norway)
Duration: 2013 - 2020
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Background & policy context: 

The ENERGIX programme will help to achieve energy and industrial policy objectives and is a key instrument in the implementation of the national Energi21 RD&D strategy for the energy sector. The programme will also promote the broadest possible range of research activities to open the door to new thinking and innovative concepts. 

Strategic Objectives: 

The ENERGIX programme was launched in 2013 and is an open-ended research programme. The programme is designed to generate new knowledge to support the long-term, sustainable restructuring of the energy system, which will require more renewable energy, more energy-efficient solutions, closer energy integration with Europe, and improved flexibility. Important secondary objectives for the programme are:

  • To achieve sustainable utilisation and consumption of renewable energy resources;
  • To reduce Norwegian and global emissions of greenhouse gases; 
  • To ensure Norway’s security of supply;
  • To strengthen innovation in Norwegian trade and industry;
  • To further develop Norwegian research communities.


Programme organisation: 

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

  • Companies, groups of companies or trade and industry organisations, as a general rule in collaborative projects between companies and/or R&D groups (within universities, university colleges and/or research institutes). 
  • R&D groups (within universities, university colleges and/or research institutes). 
Leading Institutions:

Public institution

The Research Council of Norway
Type of funding: 
Public (international sources other than the EU)
Total Budget: 
2,9 bill NOK
Contact Name: 
Ane Torvanger Brunvoll
Contact Email: 
The Research Council of Norway
Drammensveien 288
Contact country: